5 Tips to Being Friends with an Ex After a Breakup


Being friends with your ex after a breakup is definitely a very challenging task. In fact, it can be more difficult compared to when you were just trying to get to know your ex and win their love. Fortunately, with the help of getherbackguide.com, your chances of being friends with your ex will surely soar up. By following the tips below you will definitely be friends with your ex in no time. Furthermore, as long as you don’t mess up and make mistakes, your ex might see you in a new and better light, and who knows? You might just end up back together again as lovers.

1. Move on with the breakup and start from scratch

We understand that moving on with heartbreak is easier said than done. However, the best way to move on is to accept the situation; that you have one way or another, failed in maintaining the relationship. Acceptance is key in moving on after a breakup. Afterwards, having a positive and optimistic outlook towards life can surely make the process a lot easier and faster. Try to think about the things that you still have, the things that you still need. Start from there and slowly get to your feet. And when the time comes that you are ready – confident and not bitter about the past, you will then have the qualifications to approach and befriend your ex.

2. Give time to your ex

Ironically, while you have to quickly move on as stated above, you will have to be patient and give your ex-partner sufficient time to recover from the breakup. Never ever force your ex or linger around her or him after the breakup. Don’t be a pathetic person that is very eager and can’t let go and accept the current situation. Be patient, give it time, you know what they say, time heals all wounds. And in your case, you can only just trust time on healing your ex’s love wounds.

3. Be the first to contact your ex

After some time, or if you feel like everything has settled down already. You must definitely be the first one to contact your ex. This is the most crucial step in being friends with your ex. The trick here is to just be casual, never bring up the past. Ask her casually if she wants to stroll or just talk at a café. Do not make your feel ex pressured, the atmosphere and mood must be light. Times after a breakup are the most sensitive ones, and your ex won’t really appreciate a heavy atmosphere.

4. Just be a friend

Your time as lovers have come to an end – engrave this in your heart, mind, body, and soul. Be sincere towards your ex about your intentions of being her friend. Sincerity has always their rewards. If you plan on getting back together with your ex, then you must wait until you guys are comfortable with each other again as friends. Remember that you are starting from scratch, continuing a failure will only lead to a failure. What you need to do, is to start anew and work your way up from there.

5. Learn from the past

By now, you must have realized the mistakes and shortcomings you had when you were lovers that led to your breakup. These things must be avoided at all costs. Your ex will only appreciate your intentions if you make an effort into changing for the better. A mistake committed once or twice is forgivable, however, a mistake that just keeps happening over and over again is just ignorance and lack of respect. Learn from your mistakes and be the better version of yourself for your ex, even if you are just friends right now.