4 Tips To Finding An Old Friend


Are you looking for ways to reestablish connection with your long lost friends—friends you have lost touch with owing to adult responsibilities and a hectic lifestyle? In the contemporary world, it isn’t difficult to identify the whereabouts of a person. So, unless they are living in isolated areas and don´t have access to the internet, you should be able to find your old friend. Here are 4 tips to finding an old friend.

1. Use social media platforms

Over 79% of Americans who use the internet have profiles on the social media platform, Facebook. Therefore, if you want to find an old friend, you should start your search on Facebook. You can also use other platforms such LinkedIn, that is, if you have prior information about your friend´s employment history. The power of social media in helping connect lives and people shouldn’t be underestimated. There isn´t a dearth of people who have been able to establish connection with their old friends through Facebook.

2. Using Search Engine

You can basically search for anything on search engines such as Google, Bing, Yahoo, AOL etc. So, why shouldn’t you try using these search engines to locate an old friend? However, when doing so, we would advise you to use several different search engines rather than only one particular search engine. It is because search engines vary and differ in the way they operate because of the variation in search algorithm and database; hence, they tend to provide different results. In order to search through various search engines at the same time, you should consider using Meta search engines such as WebCrawler, MonsterCrawler, and Dogpile etc. These Meta search engines provide combined results of several search engines at once. The search engines also boast of advanced search page features, allowing you to give the search engines an idea of what or who you are looking for. Therefore, you have to make optimum use of these advanced search page settings to get a desired result.

3. Acquire professional help if necessary

If you are unlucky with your search and have exhausted all options, you should consider hiring a private investigator to help find your old friend. After all, finding people is a private investigator´s area of expertise and they will know how to find someone by employing sophisticated search techniques.

4. Using Records Finder

Records Finder is an efficient and effective website that can help you locate your old friend. According to the site, it boasts of ¨ one of the largest and comprehensive public records databases in the industry totaling over 2 billion records and covering 95% of U.S adult population.¨ The site gathers the information from thousands of private and public sources globally. And, as addressed in the site, in the United States, the site collects information from 600 federal courthouses, 2,800 county sheriff offices, 2,700 counties, 10,000 state courts, 6,100 municipal courts, 5,000 vital records offices, and 11,000 police departments. Therefore, you have a good shot at locating your old friend by using the website, Records Finder.