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YouTube Says microUSB Cables are Inappropriate and Offensive Now


So I recently did a 58 second long video of me unpacking a pack of three microUSB cables and YouTube flagged it as inappropriate and offensive content and put a strike on my account for it.

Really?  What is offensive about microUSB cables? Someone please tell me!


YouTube of course won’t answer me as to what is offensive or inappropriate about microUSB cables.

In the video all I said was the name, price, where you can get them, and I showed the cables but somehow it was offensive. I don’t understand and I don’t know why they won’t tell me what the reasoning is here?!

All my videos are really the same I unbox and sometimes do video reviews but now all of the sudden an unboxing or unpacking is offensive to the powers that be at YouTube.

it makes no sense to me.

Getting Paid to Review Products is Unethical


I’ve been reviewing products since 2004 and I’ve literally done thousands of them. I stopped counting at 1,000 and that was years ago, it was fun to count but then after that many it’s just tedious then to keep counting.

Recently Amazon has sued a bunch of people over paid reviews, guess you could call it reviewgate2015 and I think it’s a good thing.

OxyLED N05 Dimmable LED Tap Light Review


Handy little product for sure…


“Lights, lights and more lights, yep I’ve got another one for review today and then another one tomorrow! Today for review I’ve got the OxyLed N05 which is a single LED tap light that can be used for like in your closest, which is exactly what I used it for. It’s a tap light but it’s a touch sensitive tap light that you can adjust the brightness by touching it. Read on to learn more… ”

Reach Cables 10 Foot Droid Charging microUSB Cable Review


Long cable…


“Up for review today I’ve got a simple product but one that’s very useful, it’s a microUSB cable but it’s 10 feet long, the longest USB cable I’ve ever seen that’s for sure. The cable is from a company called Reach Cables and it’s braided for durability and it looks nice as well. Read on to learn more… ”

Review of Ohuhu Anti Shock & Folding Trekking Pole / Hiking Pole


Sadly I need to use a cane to walk these days but a regular cane isn’t the best for hiking or even walking in the woods so that’s where the product I have for review today comes in from Ohuhu. The product is a trekking or hiking pole that can collapse to be easily taken with you. It’s a decent product for sure, I like it a lot. Read on to learn more…