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TSLaser TS 302 532nm 5mw Focusing Green Laser Review


Lasers…. gotta love them….


“It’s been a long time since I’ve reviewed any lasers, and I’ve missed it honestly, I love them. I have no real use for lasers, but it’s a guy thing, they’re just cool. Up for review today I have the TS 302 green laser which is 532nm and 5mw power, but it can be focused from a thin beam to more of a wide beam. This type of laser can be used for many things, but it doesn’t burn like you might expect. Read on to learn more… ”

Review of Nippon Kodo Morning Star Green Tea Incense 200 Sticks and Holder

I’ve got a quick review of something I picked up on Amazon recently, it’s incense. I normally just pick up whatever at my local Dollar Tree but their inventory varies greatly and that didn’t have incense for a long time so I decided to see what was out there on Amazon and grabbed this 200 stick box for about $9 and I like it… Read on to learn more..

Treqkr50 Solar Charger 5000mah Portable Power Bank Review


Review by me:


“I’ve reviewed a lot of portable power banks or portable batteries and most are the same, but some are different like the one I today which is solar powered, or it can be powered by the sun. There are many of these out there and this one works just like all the others. The Treqkr50 is a 5000mAh power bank with a secondary solar panel built-in so in an emergency you can power your phone by the sun. It works fine, read on to learn more… ”

Deals: Discount Code for CooYoo Quantum Mini LED Flashlight


I just reviewed the CooYoo Quantum Ti LED Light over on Technogog and I love it, but GearBest gave me a discount code to share with you as well for that style and the other styles of the light which is for about 50% off. Great deal on an excellent light!

CooYoo Quantum Mini LED Flashlight:

–  STAINLESS version– Price $21.99  Coupon: cyss
–  BRASS,  RED COPPER version — Price $25.99  Coupon: cycobr

Reivew of Marrywindix Outdoor 5m Clothesline

Today for review I have a clothesline, yes a clothesline. I review all kinds of stuff and I like useful things and a clothesline is very useful to me. It’s from a company called Marrywindix, it’s made of nylon and it’s waterproof so you could even use it outside. Read on to learn more..