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Taylor Bluetooth Smart Scale Review


New review by me:


“Everything seems to be smart these days, we’ve got all kinds of smart stuff coming out and health and fitness products are very popular. The most common thing or should I say core item is the scale, if you want to get fit usually the goal is to lose weight and you need a good scale to give you accurate measurements, but not all scale are the same. Today for the review I have the Taylor Bluetooth Smart Scale which give you your weight but also can measure things like Fat Mass, Muscle Mass, and Body Water and it can send all this data to your iOS or Android device so you can keep track. Taylor does have their own free app you can use but the scale can also be used with other popular fitness apps. Read on to learn more… ”

Frontpoint Wireless Pan and Tilt Camera Review


A home security camera can let you see what happens at home in real time. It can help make you feel secured and at peace, no matter how many miles you are away from home. Having a wireless, pan and tilt home security camera, on the other hand, is another story. It can do a lot of things your regular camera can’t do. As a matter of fact, not all security systems offer this type of camera. This is one of the things that make Frontpoint Security stand out better than its other competitors.

Kinkoo 40W 6-Port High Speed USB Charger Review


New review by me…


“Today for review I’ve got the Kinkoo 40W 6-Port High Speed USB Charger with iPower Technology and like the name suggests it’s a six port USB charger or charging station. The Kinkoo charger features what they call iPower technology that automatically senses or knows what type of device you plug in and what its power requirements are and then quickly and efficiently charges it. Read on to learn more… ”

inStream SeptimusB 7 Port USB Charging Station Review


New review by me..


“Today for review I’ve got the inStream SeptimusB 7 Port USB Charging Station which features seven auto sensing USB ports that have a max of 3amps per port so they can charge most any device on the market today. Having seven ports in one small device let’s you have your gadgets charged and ready in one spot and it eliminated the need for multiple wall chargers. Read on to learn more.. ”