Frontpoint Wireless Pan and Tilt Camera Review


A home security camera can let you see what happens at home in real time. It can help make you feel secured and at peace, no matter how many miles you are away from home. Having a wireless, pan and tilt home security camera, on the other hand, is another story. It can do a lot of things your regular camera can’t do. As a matter of fact, not all security systems offer this type of camera. This is one of the things that make Frontpoint Security stand out better than its other competitors.

Frontpoint Wireless Pan and Tilt Camera has a 720p image resolution. As for its view, the camera has a 350 degree panning ability. You can maneuver it 90 degrees upwards and 35 degrees downwards. It’s perfect to use on large and wide-spaced rooms. With its range, you will be able to see more of your home and zoom in just in case you want to get a closer look. Moreover, the camera doesn’t only offer a larger view but several views as well. There’s actually a maximum of 20 pre-set views you can create. You can include the view at your front door as one of the preset views and the area around your couch as another one.

The camera is relatively easy to install, particularly with its push-button instructions. You just have to wirelessly pair it with your Wi-Fi, connect it to a power supply and use its own app for control. You can set the device wherever you want at home. However, because the range of its power cord is only 9 feet, you have to install the camera in locations where electrical sockets can easily be accessed. As for adjustments of view, you can use the app to adjust and zoom in to specific parts of your room. Once motion is detected, Frontpoint Wireless Pan and Tilt Camera can record the event. Aside from notifying you, the device can also create an HD recording. You can choose to view this recording immediately on your phone or access it later at the web portal. You can purchase the Frontpoint Wireless Pan and Tilt Camera at $279.99.

If you think this camera can secure your home better, you can read a more in-depth Frontpoint security review. After all, an informed decision is still the best decision you can make in terms of your home’s security.

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