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PetVitalix Dog Whistle Kit Review



Quote: “If you’ve got dogs they need to be trained and there are many ways to do it and one of those is a whistle. Today for review I’ve got the PetVitalix Dog Whistle Kit which includes a tunable dog whistle and a pet id tag along with a handy lanyard so you don’t lost it. PetVitalix also includes several very useful eBooks about training your dogs with the whistles and other books about keeping them healthy and other information concerning your dogs. My dogs are rather stubborn but I’ve been trying the whistle with them and have seen some responses but I think I’ll need more time to really get them trained. The old saying ‘you can’t teach an old dog new tricks’ seems to apply for my dogs as they’re about five years old now, but they are responding so time and patience is something you’ll need to train your dogs. Read on to learn more… “

1byone Wireless Doorbell Door Chime Kit Review



Quote: “The doorbell is one of those things that people take for granted I think, it’s just there, someone pushes the button and it let’s you know that someone is at the door. You don’t really notice it until it doesn’t work anymore and that’s kind of what happened to me recently, my old wireless doorbell wasn’t quite working, it only worked sometimes so that meant to was time to get a new one and by chance I got an offer to review one that was better than my old one. Today for review I’ve got a wireless doorbell from 1byone that features dual chimes so you can put one near your door as you would normally and then put another elsewhere in your home where you need it to make sure you hear the doorbell. This doorbell kit looks very nice, it’s a modern style and it works great. Read on to learn more… “

Online Gadgets Durable INSTANT Read Accurate Digital Meat Thermometer Review



Quote: “And we’re going back to the kitchen today for another review of what happens to be another instant read meant thermometer. I reviewed one not long ago but I’ve got another one that is a bit different and it’s one that I like better actually. This meat thermometer is from a company called Online Gadgetz and it features a nice large and easy to read LCD display and just two buttons, one for power and one for changing the degree units displayed. Read on to learn more… “

X-Sense CO03M Battery Powered Carbon Monoxide Detector Review



Quote: “In your home there are things you need to have or should have and one of those is a carbon monoxide detector. I’ve got kids and I like to try and keep them safe anyway I can. Carbon Monoxide has no smell so you won’t know it’s there but it can kill you so it’s wise to have a way to detect it. Today for review I’ve got the X-Sense CO03M Battery Powered Carbon Monoxide Detector and it’s something that everyone should have in their home. The detector features a large and bright LCD display so you can monitor levels in your home and it has two ways to mount it. Read on to learn more.. “

Aennon Ultra-Compact 2-in-1 LED Work Light Flashlight Review



Quote: “Up for review today I’ve got the Aennon Ultra-Compact 2-in-1 LED Work Light Flashlight that is just a very handy product. The light comes with a magnet and a retractable hook so you got mounting options to make sure you get light where you need it and when you need it. The light is actually two lights, a 4 LED flashlight and a large 24 LED array for getting a lot of light on the situation. Read on to learn more… “