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Woken Multiple Times Last Night By Neighbors

It’s just awesome living next door to someone who doesn’t give a shit about other people.

My neighbor and his friends woke me up multiple times last night between 1:30am and 3am..

I just wanted to sleep, guess I’m not allowed according to him



Frontpoint Wireless Pan and Tilt Camera Review


A home security camera can let you see what happens at home in real time. It can help make you feel secured and at peace, no matter how many miles you are away from home. Having a wireless, pan and tilt home security camera, on the other hand, is another story. It can do a lot of things your regular camera can’t do. As a matter of fact, not all security systems offer this type of camera. This is one of the things that make Frontpoint Security stand out better than its other competitors.

1/4" Sharp CCD 380 Line Color CCTV Mini Surveillance Camera @ DIY-Guides



Link: http://www.diy-guides.com/review-of-14-sharp-ccd-380-line-color-cctv-mini-surveillance-camera/

Quote: "The world we live in has gotten pretty bad. It’s to the point that we have security everywhere in the form of alarms and cameras. Is it a good thing? I’m not sure, but I feel safer with the alarm on my house and the cameras I have set up outside. Alarms are the most common, but security cameras on home are becoming a lot more common. You can buy pre-made surveillance kits or if you’re a DIYer  like you can build you own. One of the great places for inexpensive security equipment is Geeks.com, and they’ve provided the 1/4" Sharp CCD 380 Line Color CCTV Mini Surveillance Camera that I have today for review. The camera is a pinhole style which can be hid most most place and has plenty of uses like checking up on your babysitter while you’re not at home. So read on for a quick review of a decent little camera."