ECBC Hercules 17” Laptop Backpack Review @ Mobility Digest


Another review by me…



Quote: "Back to school next week for my kids, I think of lot of kids are back in school or are heading off shortly and the backpack is, I think, like a symbol of school. Most every kid or adult going to school has a backpack and having kids I know all backpacks are not created equal. My kids are getting older, but I still have a rather young one at eight years old and I found those ‘character’ style packs aren’t exactly the best quality. As we get older we learn to appreciate quality made products and I think going off to college you need something that will last though the year or even years to come. College isn’t like grade school, I know my kids seem to need or want a new bag every year, but college is different, you’re older and grown up so you don’t need a new bag every year anymore, you want one that will last through college and past hopefully. You need a bag like what I have for review today from ECBC, it’s called the Hercules and it’s aptly named as it can hold up to a 17” laptop but it’s got a whole lot of room for everything else you’ll need to take with you and it’s very well made. Quality comes at price though, this backpack will set you back about $140, but I think it’s money well spent as it will surely last for several years I would think… So read on to learn more about the Hercules… "