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Ogio Gambit 17 Laptop Backpack Review


New review by me!


Link: http://blog.testfreaks.com/review/review-of-ogio-gambit-17-laptop-backpack/
"Today for review I’ve got the latest backpack from Ogio called the Gambit 17 which should fit most laptops up to 15 inches in size. The Gambit is what I would consider a guys style backpack as it just looks rugged and the black and red color scheme just works well. The Gambit 17 has plenty of features and of course many pockets for all of your stuff including places for your laptop and a special pocket for your tablet and even, my favorite, a built-in hard case for your sunglasses! So read on to learn more…"

ECBC Hercules 17” Laptop Backpack Review @ Mobility Digest


Another review by me…


Link: http://mobilitydigest.com/ecbc-hercules-17-laptop-backpack-review/

Quote: "Back to school next week for my kids, I think of lot of kids are back in school or are heading off shortly and the backpack is, I think, like a symbol of school. Most every kid or adult going to school has a backpack and having kids I know all backpacks are not created equal. My kids are getting older, but I still have a rather young one at eight years old and I found those ‘character’ style packs aren’t exactly the best quality. As we get older we learn to appreciate quality made products and I think going off to college you need something that will last though the year or even years to come. College isn’t like grade school, I know my kids seem to need or want a new bag every year, but college is different, you’re older and grown up so you don’t need a new bag every year anymore, you want one that will last through college and past hopefully. You need a bag like what I have for review today from ECBC, it’s called the Hercules and it’s aptly named as it can hold up to a 17” laptop but it’s got a whole lot of room for everything else you’ll need to take with you and it’s very well made. Quality comes at price though, this backpack will set you back about $140, but I think it’s money well spent as it will surely last for several years I would think… So read on to learn more about the Hercules… "

Booq Boa Squeeze 15” Laptop Backpack Review


New review by me of an awesome backpack…


Link:  http://blog.testfreaks.com/review/review-of-booq-boa-squeeze-15-laptop-backpack/

"Keeping with the back-to-school theme this week I’ve got another backpack for review today, this one is from Booq and it’s called the Boa Squeeze. Booq names their bags after snakes and this one is named after the Boa Constrictor obviously, but why? I think it’s because this bag is small but yet you can fit a lot of stuff in it, kind of like a Boa, it can eat things much larger than itself, it’s thin but much larger things can go in it. I don’t know if that’s true, just my thoughts on it. Anyway, the Boa Squeeze is a smaller style laptop backpack and by looking at it you wouldn’t think it would hold much but it’s deceiving in its design as you can fit up to a 15” laptop in it and a lot of other stuff like books and more for your school day. The bag is made from from polyester and nylon that is water repelling so you can take it out in most any weather and not have to worry about your things getting ruined. The Boa Squeeze is a high quality bag in my opinion so read on to learn more about it…"

Rivacase 8160 16" Laptop Backpack Review @ Mobility Digest


As promised here’s another backpack review, this time over on Mobility Digest…


Link: http://mobilitydigest.com/rivacase-8160-16-laptop-backpack-review/

Quote: "It’s back to school time and this week I’ve got two review coming up for you of two backpacks which I think is the quintessential school item! I think everybody, no matter how old, uses a backpack for school so today for review I’ve got the Rivacase 8160 which is a black colored laptop backpack that fits up to 16” sized laptops. Yes the bag is made for laptops but that doesn’t mean you specifically have to use it for that, you can use it for anything and I think it should last a long time as it’s very nicely made and quality bag. It’s not a huge bag by any means, but it’s large enough for books, laptops and most anything else you might need to take with you to classes. So just read on to see more about this backpack.. "

Targus CityGear TCG650 15.6" Laptop Backpack Review


New review by me!!!  Back to school theme this week, so be sure to check back, I‘m working another one right now and I’ll have more all week!


Link:  http://blog.testfreaks.com/review/review-of-targus-citygear-tcg650-15-6-laptop-backpack/

"Today for review I’ve got a backpack, the traditional back to school accessory for sure, a must have for any student no matter what grade level. The backpack is from Targus and it’s called the CityGear and it’s got a plethora of pockets big and small for everything you need for class and life. I’ve got a few backpacks for review and I’ve noticed a trend with all of them, they now have a dedicated tablet pocket, which makes sense as that’s the big thing now is for schools to be utilizing them and even giving them to students as part of the tuition package. The CityGear pack is also made for laptops and it does feature a nice large well padded section that will fit notebooks up to 15.6” in size and keep them protected while you’re going to and from classes and really just going anywhere. So read on to learn more about this bag from Targus…"