Trident Aegis Case for HTC One Review


meh…  another day, another review….  too bad I don’t make any money doing this… oh well, got lots of cool stuff anyway…



Quote: "When you get a new phone you need a case for it, at least I do, my phones and other devices must be in cases and have screen protectors on them. They cost quite a bit of money so why not protect them? I prefer more of a rugged style case for my phones but I don’t want something that adds a lot of bulk either. Today for review I have the Aegis case from Trident that offers a great deal of protection but yet doesn’t add much bulk to the svelte HTC One. The Aegis case offers two layer of protection, an inner silicone or rubber layer and then a hard outer shell and when combines they offer a great deal of protection for the phone inside from the rigors of daily life. So read on to learn about one of the best cases out there for the HTC One… "