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Amazon Versus Netflix Instant Video Comparison


Just posted this over on TestFreaks…



" When it comes to instant video watching online you’ve really got two big choices, Amazon or Netflix. Yes there are other options but these two are the big ones really, the others are just there trying to compete and play catch up really, it’s only a mater of time before they disappear altogether I think. I loved Netflix at one point but I’ve become increasing unhappy with them as they just keep changing things for the worse it seems. I do the majority of my watching on my computer and sometimes on my PS3 and very rarely on my phone or tablet. Amazon Prime is what I would call a work in progress and it seems to be getting better and better while Netflix is going down hill with all of these so called improvements that really aren’t. At the present time I have both Amazon Prime Instant Video and Netflix Instant Video and I’m really thinking of dropping Netflix but maybe just not quite yet. I did have Netflix with the DVD/Blu-ray option up until they raised the prices, then I dropped as really I was getting like maybe one of two movies per month sent to me and it just wasn’t worth the cost. So I’ve compiled a list of pros and cons and just observations of both Amazon and Netflix that are really in no order, just more of a random thing as I thought of them or as I noticed them. It’s a list, a big list with my comments about them."

Have You Ever Noticed…



I’ve been around for while and I’ve noticed things in life that just aren’t right and shouldn’t be. So I was bored and compiled a little list of them…


-nothing seems to work as it should, nothing is easy-to-assemble really, that ‘some assembly required’ means you’ll be there all day

-nothing is ever as good as it sounds –Slushie Magic is a prime example, my kids just have to have it and it’s just horrible. I review product’s and oftentimes things just aren’t as good as they are hyped to be. I can recall numerous times I’ve went and bought something and it just wasn’t at all what I expected and it was nothing as good as the hype surrounding it.

-the doorbell always rings when you’re in the bathroom, doing dishes, taking a nap or any other time other than when you’re just sitting there doing nothing?! I don’t get it, I can sit here and know a delivery is coming and it won’t come until I decide to get in the shower.. it’s amazing really…

-every project that should be easy seems to end up taking more time than it should – seriously the simplest project always seems to take more time than it should. I usually end up having to do two or three other things to get the original thing done.

-no matter how prepared you think you are, you never have the right tool, size washer, nut etc or thing you need to get the job done. You always have to go looking for it?! I was working on my gate and fence, trying to fix it and I must have had to make twenty trips back into the house to get things, it always seemed like I just didn’t have what I needed.

-the phone will always ring when you walk away from it – this annoys me to no end, I’ll be waiting for a call and the phone won’t ring until I walk away from it, it makes no sense…

-you lose your cellphone signal just when you want to make a call – I have a cellphone of course, but I don’t use it often but it seems 9 out of 10 times when I do decide to actually need to use it the signal is horrible…

-parenting is not as easy as it seems – this one is just amazing, I never realized what my mother went through. No matter what I try with my kids nothing seems to work and they just don’t appreciate anything. No matter what they want more, they’re never satisfied with anything you do or give them, they always have to have more. The months preceding this past Christmas I watched for sales on video games and I ended up getting them 48 games for Christmas and that still wasn’t enough, they still wanted more a few days later. They still haven’t played all of them yet, and they want more games. They have a 3DS, DSi XL and DS Lite and an iPod Touch and an Android tablet for portable gaming but that’s not enough, no mater what they always want to use the same thing. they always end up fighting over one of them.

-life is nothing like that book or movie -people should really stop expecting it to be. I can’t stand this, all these movies and books about romance and life and it’s not like that in real life, I wish people would stop expecting it to be…

-you never have enough money no mater what you do -  this is self-explanatory I think

-people have become horrible over the year- I remember when we could leave doors and windows open, and walk down the street safely, but you can’t do that anymore. You need bars on your windows, security systems, cameras and all that and it’s because people have become horrible. Society has just fallen from what it used to be, I’ve watched society just decay over the years… once great and friendly neighborhoods and now considered ghettos with gangs and drugs all of the place…

-people just don’t really seem to care about laws… right through red lights and stop signs – police are really good with this as well, no turn signals, don’t stop etc. We now have the no texting and driving law here and people don’t give a crap, I still see them doing it, weaving back and forth into the other lane while they’re texting. They just don’t care about anything but themselves…

-no matter what you have you always want more – I think this has always been true, no matter what you have you want more

-life in general just sucks overall – maybe it’s just me, but I think life just sucks in general overall. I’m sick of all the politically correct crap, I’m sick of having to watch everything I say and do because I might offend someone and be sued or put in jail for it. it’s just ridiculous….


-The nanny state – I’m so sick of the government sticking their noses into everything and every part of daily life. Prime example: If I want to buy a large drink then I should be allowed, its shouldn’t be a law and be illegal to buy a large drink… just goofy all of it…

Eagle Tech Neptor Foldable Portable Bluetooth Keyboard Review


Another new review by me!


"I know many people still hate the on-screen keyboard on their devices, with tablets it has become easier but it still isn’t the same as a regular hardware keyboard that’s for sure. Many companies have come out with solutions to this problem and Eagle Tech is one of them with their recent launch of the Neptor ET-KB300BF-WH foldable Bluetooth portable keyboard which I have for review today. This keyboard is very stylish with leather inlays on the back of it, and of course it folds up to a small and portable size so you can just put it in your case or bag to take with you as needed. The keyboard is Bluetooth and I’ve found it works with most devices, it has built-in rechargeable battery that should give you up to thirty hours of use on a single charge. When folded it’s about six inches long and then doubled when unfolded, so it’s not exactly tiny like other keyboards of this type on the market today, which is one of the things I like about it, it’s a nice big keyboard for usability purposes but not too big as to be overly bulky. So read on to learn more… "

Incipio Feather Case for HTC One Review


Hmm.. I posted these a few days ago, looks like I forgot to post about it here….



Quote: " Since the HTC One has come out I’ve got my hands on many, many cases for it and I’ve found not all are created equal. I think a lot of what you want in a case depends on your own personal preferences really. I like a case to protect my phone but I don’t want something that overly large that makes my phone look huge. I want a case that not only protects but allows access to everything the phone can do like it’s buttons and ports and cameras etc. Today for review I’ve got the Incipio Feather case for the HTC One and like it’s name suggests it’s a very lightweight case that doesn’t add any bulk or weight to your phone but at that same time it does offer a good amount of protection. The Feather case is the first of its type that I’ve come across that actually allows access to the sim card slot while your phone is in the case. This may not be important to many people but I sometimes get phones for review and not having to take the case off to switch sims is something that I can appreciate. So read on to learn more about a case that offers decent protection without adding a lot of bulk to the HTC One…."

Airform Pouch for NDS Lite Review


Yeah it’s another review by me… busy, busy…

Quote: "Up for review today I have a case for the Nintendo DS Lite. I got this for my kids and they’re not exactly the most responsible with their stuff so I needed a padded case but I didn’t want to spend a lot of money as like I said they’re not too responsible with their stuff. I grabbed one from Deal Extreme for slightly over five dollars and it works for the most part. The case is padded and even comes with slots for DS games and a net style pocket for other games or whatever else. The case comes with a strap, but sadly the strap didn’t last long. So read on to learn more…."

OtterBox Commuter Series Glacier Case for HTC One Review


Yep another new review by me…


Quote: “Today for review I have what I consider one of, if not, the best HTC One cases on the market today, the OtterBox Commuter series. This has become my favorite case and I’ve tested a lot of them. Yes I reviewed the Otterbox Defender series case for the HTC One little bit ago but while that’s a great case it’s just a little too bulky for my tastes. The Commuter series case on the other hand offers a similar level of protection but without all of the bulk. The Commuter series case is sleek and rather thin really so you don’t lose the svelte profile of the HTC One but yet it still protects it. This case includes covers for the microUSB and audio ports which I think is important as it keeps the dirt, dust and anything else out of them. The case comes in two parts, a soft silicone padded inner case and a hard outer shell and when combined offer excellent protection to absorb shocks and impacts and really protect the HTC One. Out of all the cases I have for the HTC One the OtterBox Commuter Series is the one that I always come back to. So read on…”