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Arc Charger Xbox One Wireless Controller Charger Review


New review by me on Technogog…

Link: http://technogog.com/review/review-of-arc-charger-xbox-one-wireless-controller-charger/

“Up for review today I’ve got an accessory for the Xbox One, or actually for the controllers for the Xbox One called the Arc Charger which is what it sounds like a charger for your controllers. There’s really not much to say about it, it charges the controllers and it works fine overall. Read on to learn more… ”

a-Jays One+ Earphones Review


New review…  whatever…

Link: http://blog.testfreaks.com/review/review-of-a-jays-one-earphones/

Quote: "Up for review today I’ve got another set of earphones or earbuds, whichever you call them, but they’re from a company called a-Jays and the product is called the One+. The headphones feature an in-line one button remote with microphone but if you’re using them with an Android device you can install the free app which adds even more functionality and control to the remote. The headphones feature truly tangle free cables and they even come with five different sizes of earbud covers to make sure you get the correct fit for your ears.  So read on…"


HTC Double Dip Flip Case for HTC One Reviewed


New review by me over on Mobility Digest…


Link: http://mobilitydigest.com/review-of-htc-double-dip-flip-case-for-htc-one/

Quote: "HTC makes phones as I’m sure you know but they also make some accessories for those phones. Up for review today I have the Double Dip Flip case form HTC which is designed for the HTC One Android phone. Obviously by the name it’s a flip style case which basically means it has a flip cover for the front. The case offers basic protection and looks pretty good while doing it. The case offers access to all the ports and it even has a built-in stand so you can enjoy your multimedia on the go. So read on…  "

HTC One Case Roundup 13 Tested and Compared


New article or review over on TestFreaks… this one took me hours to get done… wow..

Link: http://blog.testfreaks.com/review/htc-one-case-roundup-13-tested-and-compared/

"The HTC One is the best Android phone out there today, at least I think it is, I love it and I’m very happy with it. The One looks beautiful, it’s thin and lightweight but it’s not what I would call rugged. Those good looks will quickly go away if you drop the phone sadly. I’ve been reviewing cases for the HTC One, quite a few of them, so right now I’ve got thirteen of them for you ranging from inexpensive, thin and lightweight and up to totally rugged and fully protective and everything in between.  I’ve got what I think is a nice representative sampling of the cases that are out there today that will fit any budget and or any need. What I’ve got for you today is thirteen mini reviews essentially with my thoughts and observations for each one. So read on…"