What’s Wrong with the Xbox One?


I just posted an article over on TestFreaks about the things wrong with the Xbox One… stop by and give it a read when you get a chance..


Link: http://blog.testfreaks.com/news/whats-wrong-with-the-xbox-one/

"So what’s wrong with the Xbox One? Too many things at this point it seems. In the past day or so we’ve learned a lot about the Xbox One and then we really didn’t learn that much did we? It seems like we did, but watching that broadcast it seemed all smoke and mirrors to me with Microsoft leaving out a lot of things that I think most gamers are concerned with. Many issues were not addressed and when Microsoft was asked about them they provided vague answers that really weren’t answers at all. From what I saw most of their answers were basically no comment on a lot of things that are important to their customers.  We’ve had a lot of media attention in the preceding months, a  lot of speculation and a lot of people just talking about the next Xbox. People have made it clear what they wanted and didn’t want and what they expected from the next Xbox and it seems to me Microsoft just ignored  everything that was said everywhere. "