Daily Archives: May 16, 2013

HUGE Video Game Sale on Amazon Right Now!


Hoy crap, Amazon is having a huge sale on video games! Over 800 games on sale, they’re digital downloads for Steam and other services, but still it’s an awesome sale.

Stop over here and check them all out. I wish I had some more money available right now, but most of the deals look like they’re going on until the end of the month, so I guess there’s time.

What are you waiting for, head on over and buy some great games…

TV Shows That Were Cancelled Too Early

I like watching TV, but I hate those crappy reality shows. I can’t understand how quality TV shows get cancelled in favor of some stupid reality show?! It makes no sense to me. I’m not obsessed with TV, but I enjoy as a matter or escape. I especially like sc-fi TV shows as it gives a glimpse of what the future could be. There are many TV shows that were just cancelled too early, many of them yes ran for many, many seasons, but a lot of them stopped at one or two leaving things just hanging. So here’s my list of TV shows that got cancelled too early…