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USPS Tracking Lies


So I’m still having a problem with getting deliveries from USPS.

I check my tracking and it says ‘Notice Left (No Authorized Recipient Available)’.

Well that’s wrong, we were home and my dogs were home and I have cameras on the porch. I saw the mailman come and deliver the mail and he had no package.

There was no notice left at all, this has happened several times now in fact and I’m getting sick of it.

That’s just for the tracking numbers that I know of, I have to wonder how many packages am I not getting because a notice was supposedly left but in reality it wasn’t?

The manager at the post office says the computer automatically generates the “Notice Left (No Authorized Recipient Available)” to the tracking and that makes no sense at all.

Why is the computer lying to me?

I don’t understand why it is saying a notice was left when there really wasn’t one?

Why is the computer lying about this?

And they wonder why no one likes to use USPS anymore?  With all the stealing and things like this, yeah I don’t want to use it either.

What’s Wrong with the PlayStation Vita? @ TestFreaks


Just posted this one over on TestFreaks..


Link: http://blog.testfreaks.com/information/whats-wrong-with-the-playstation-vita/

Quote: "The PlayStation Vita is a great device for portable gaming but it’s not perfect by any means. I got mine at launch and in that time I’ve used it quite a bit and I’ve noticed many things both good and bad.  Don’t get me wrong, I like the PS Vita, but there are some things that I don’t care for. So this started out as sort of a top ten list, a list of things that aren’t that great about the PS Vita. These are things that I’ve noticed in my time with it, and it’s a lot more than ten sadly. So are obvious, some aren’t, some are big and some are small, some people might find them a reason not to buy one, and some people might not care. We all know nothing is perfect though, most every device and gadget sounds much better in reviews and promotional material than it does when you actually get it in your hands. So read on to see what I found or think is wrong with the PS Vita….."

What’s Wrong with the Xbox One?


I just posted an article over on TestFreaks about the things wrong with the Xbox One… stop by and give it a read when you get a chance..


Link: http://blog.testfreaks.com/news/whats-wrong-with-the-xbox-one/

"So what’s wrong with the Xbox One? Too many things at this point it seems. In the past day or so we’ve learned a lot about the Xbox One and then we really didn’t learn that much did we? It seems like we did, but watching that broadcast it seemed all smoke and mirrors to me with Microsoft leaving out a lot of things that I think most gamers are concerned with. Many issues were not addressed and when Microsoft was asked about them they provided vague answers that really weren’t answers at all. From what I saw most of their answers were basically no comment on a lot of things that are important to their customers.  We’ve had a lot of media attention in the preceding months, a  lot of speculation and a lot of people just talking about the next Xbox. People have made it clear what they wanted and didn’t want and what they expected from the next Xbox and it seems to me Microsoft just ignored  everything that was said everywhere. "

Stuck in Customer Service Hell!

So 11/19/12 I placed two orders.
The 27th I get two emails telling me products on both orders are out of stock. Apparently this is wrong, only one of my orders had products out of stock and the other order shipped. Fine.

Opened a ticket they say two products on order one are out of stock. Fine, I tell them to replace them with two others.

They email me back saying I owe $6.84 and to pay before they will ship.

Problem here is that the original two items cost $6.14 in total. The two items I replaced the out of stock items with only cost $5.10 in total.  How can I owe $6.84 when the items I picked are $1.04 cheaper?!?

Then I noticed I am now being charged $1.70 for shipping, should be free shipping, was originally when I placed the order.

I explain this to the rep about the cost difference but now he says I only owe $4.06. Where he got this number from I’m not sure. Some different sort of math I guess or he needs new batteries in his calculator.

My actual order right now has a total of $21.20. He says he added the order up and it actually totals $26.23.

I know my total is correct.
The products I ordered have prices of:
If you add those up that equals $21.20 NOT $26.23 like he says he got for a total.

Even if I add that mysterious $1.70 shipping charge to the $21.20 it still does not equal $26.23

My original order was $22.24 which I paid via $20 gift card and paypal for $2.24. So now the rep is saying I owe $4.06 based on the $26.23 – the $22.24 that I already paid. Where is the $26.23 number coming from when my order only totals $21.20 ?!?!

So as of now I paid $22.24 in total originally, but now my order is only $21.20 in total, but my account and cart say I have to pay $6.84 for them to ship my order. The ticket rep says I owe $4.06.
Then I now have a mysterious $1.70 shipping charge now for an order that is supposed to ship free.

Somebody’s math is way off, and it’s not mine.

The way it’s going I’m never going to get this order before Christmas as some of the stuff was for gifts for my kids. Little stocking stuffers.

My first order probably isn’t going to make it here before Christmas either and it had one gift on it. That order was placed the 11/19/12 and finally shipped the 26th but as of right now it’s still in Hong Kong and hasn’t moved. But I direct you back to the top of this post, yes the order shipped the 26th, but the 27th I got an email saying products were out of stock on the order that shipped.  I don’t understand the process going on here at all.

I’m just soooo angry right now over this all…