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HTC One – Another Botched Phone Launch by AT&T

Ah yes the HTC One.. there isn’t really anything wrong with the phone itself, but to celebrate the launch AT&T did a pre-order special where if you pre-ordered the HTC One you got the HTC Media Link HD for free. I wanted it and I did the pre-order, and I got the phone a day before launch and the Media Link HD just got here today… So it was late, that I can deal with, but it doesn’t quite work with the HTC One… grrr….


Anyway, the saga continues on over on TestFreaks where I wrote about it in depth: http://blog.testfreaks.com/news/att-htc-one-not-quite-compatible-with-htc-media-link-hd-yet/

The Ultimate HTC One Accessory Pack Review


Did you get the new HTC One? Then you need to check out this review as it’s get pretty much everything you need for the phone…

Link: http://blog.testfreaks.com/review/review-of-the-ultimate-htc-one-accessory-pack/

"I got a new phone if you didn’t notice yet, it’s the HTC One and it’s a great phone. When it comes to accessories for something like the HTC One Mobile Fun is the place to go and they’ve put out their very own what you might call a starter pack for the new HTC One owner aptly named The Ultimate HTC One Accessory Pack. This accessory pack contains pretty much everything you need to get going with your HTC one at home and on the go. This pack contains six items if interest including two of what I consider the most important items, a case and a screen protector (actually they give you five screen protectors!). In the pack you’ll find a desk stand, car charger, portable desk stand, case, car holder and screen protectors. It might truly be The Ultimate HTC One Accessory Pack and best of all it’s inexpensive at about about $30 for everything. There’s more than enough stuff in here to get your started using and enjoying your new HTC One… "

Translucent Protective Crystal Case for Nintendo 3DS Review


New review by me on Mobility Digest….

Link: http://mobilitydigest.com/mobility-digest-review-translucent-protective-crystal-case-for-nintendo-3ds/

Quote: "The Nintendo 3DS is one of the best portable gaming consoles out today, and it seems to be getting better and better as time goes by. Spending a couple hundred dollars on a tiny gaming console can sting a bit and it will really sting if you drop it so a case is a must, at least I think so anyway. Mostly all of my devices have skins and cases on them, at the very least I have a case on all of my gadgets. I needed a new case for my 3DS and I wanted to see what Deal Extreme had to offer as they have great prices and most of the stuff I’ve gotten from them is surprisingly good even though it’s priced very low. The case I got isn’t some brand name, it’s just called the Translucent Protective Crystal Case and it costs under $4 and they even offer free shipping so in the end it’s very inexpensive. So read on for a quick review of an inexpensive yet decent case for your 3DS…"