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Nanoxia Deep Silence 2 DS2 Mid-Tower PC Case Review


Yep, a new review by me on TestFreaks…  fun-fun!



"So a little while ago I reviewed the Nanoxia Deep Silence 1 or DS1 mid tower case and it was made for silence as the name suggests. Nanoxia has since released another version of that that case called the Deep Silence 2 or DS2 for short which is very similar to the DS1 but there’s just a few features missing like the air chimney and the pop up USB ports, but other than that the case is pretty much the same overall. You’ll find sound dampening material all over the inside of the case making it very quiet, in fact I wasn’t even sure the system was running when I hit the power button, yes it’s that quiet. The DS2 case comes with three fans pre-installed for you but there’s room for five more in various locations in the case if you need the extra cooling. The DS2 has room for seven hard drives and three 5.25” devices, and it’s a case that’s very well made and sturdy with a lot of attention paid to detail and the overall design and usability of the case. So read on to learn more… "

E-volve Tuff-Shell 10" Tablet or Netbook Case Review


New review by me on Mobility Digest!



Quote: "These days it seems netbook cases do double duty as tablet cases as well. When you’re searching for a tablet case you’ll notice netbook cases come up in your results, and that’s not a bad thing as it offers more choices. Well at least I think more choices is a good thing! Today for review I have a hard case that can be used with a tablet or netbook up to ten inches in size, it’s the E-Volve Tuff-Shell case and it sorts of just like it sounds, a hard shell case. Sleeves for tablets are nice, but I like having a hard shell biter as it offers a lot more protection that just a sleeve will. This particular case is fairly plain looking, basic black really, so you could use it for most any occasion, business or pleasure. The case has dual zippers for easy access and the outside of the case is pretty much spill-proof so it will protect from accidents and of course the weather. The case is good enough to be used on its own, or you can safely toss it into another bag and not worry about damaging the contents. "

Slappa Black Rubber Sole Netbook or Tablet Case Review


Yep, another review by me on TestFreaks..



Quote: "Today for review I’ve got a quick one for you of a decent tablet or netbook case from Slappa called the Rubber Sole. The case is made of a rubberized material that repels water so what you do decide to put inside will be protected from the elements. The Rubber Sole is padded for protection as well, and you can fit a tablet or netbook up to ten inches in size inside of the case. There is a single pocket on the outside of the case in case you need to take some papers or cables with you. All in all it’s not a bad case. Read on….  "

WTF Netflix? Why Do You Keep Changing Everything?

So a week or so ago I noticed my Instant Queue was gone from the top of my Netflix page. WTF? It was replaced by a horrible scrolling bar called ‘Your List’. Why? Why change things? I hate the damn scrolling bars for the movies, I try and always click through to the sort of old style pages. Now they’ve forced me to use that horrible scrolling bar system by just totally eliminating my instant queue.

I’ve been seriously thinking of trying Amazon Prime, and I think now is the time to do it really.

There’s an old adage: “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” and that very much applies here to Netflix. Sure I get the whole changing it for the iPad and mobile interfaces and even the TV interface but why not at least give the people who are giving you money a choice at how they want it? You just force these changes upon us.

When it first happened I tweeted about it to the Netflix support or helps or whatever it’s called and apparently they didn’t even know it changed as they told me oh just refresh your browser or login and logout and then it should reappear. Yeah, none of that worked, I’m stuck with the sucky scroll bar for my Instant Queue now. I have 19 things in my queue right now and it takes 7 seconds to scroll to the end to see them all. Can you imagine if I had say 30 things in my queue?  That’s ridiculous.

The PC interface is not a mobile interface, so why do I have to scroll? It’s slow and I hate it.

My Instant Queue list right now is small and I keep deleting things from it as it takes so damn long to scroll through it. What the hell was wrong with having the Instant Queue? it worked just fine, everything was listed right there on the page for you to see and pick what you wanted to watch.

Sony 16GB Class 10 SDHC Memory Card Review


New review by me!


Quote:" Everything anymore uses some type of memory card and  can remember when they were rather expensive but now you can get them very cheaply, and that’s name brands not just off-brands. Most cameras use a stand SD or SDHC memory card, which is nice but I’ve found not all are created equal and the type you get or need to get depends on what you’re going to be doing. Memory cards come with speed class ratings, and considering most things these days are HD you’ll most likely want at least a Class 10 card which is meant for most any type of HD shooting be it video of consecutive stills. Today for review I’ve got the 16gb Sony Class 10 SDHC memory card which is not only rated at class 10 obviously but Sony boasts the card can reach speeds of up to 22mb/s. I’ve put it up against the 16gb class 10 card I’ve been using for comparison and I’ve found the Sony card actually went slightly over that 22 mb/s, which is a very good thing. So read on especially if you’re looking for an inexpensive and fast memory card for your cameras…."