Elecom 10.1” Tablet / Netbook Carry Bag Review


New review by me on Mobility Digest…

Link: http://mobilitydigest.com/mobility-digest-review-elecom-10-1-tablet-netbook-carry-bag/

Quote: "Bags, bags and more bags, cases, cases and more cases. Guess what I have for review today? Yep, it’s a bag or a case, it’s sort of both. It’s called a bag, but it looks more like what I think of as a case. Meh, whatever, the product is specifically called the Elecom 10.1” Tablet / Netbook Carry Bag and I like it. This bag has a separate section just for your tablet or netbook and then smaller sections for accessories like a mouse and power adapter. It’s not a bad case overall, it’s made of a water repellent material, but it could be a bit more padded. So read on…."