Daily Archives: March 19, 2013

Site Down- Thanks for Blaming me GoDaddy!

So my site Review the Tech is down and has been down since who knows when. Well it was working yesterday, but sometime between yesterday and today it went down. It’s up and down intermittently, and when it is up it’s not up for long. A few seconds at most.

The issue is with GoDaddy servers apparently.

I called them this morning because I couldn’t email them via their support form on their website.

I called and basically I was blamed for the problem. I was told that it was most likely one of my plugins that was causing the issue. I was told to deactivate my plugins and see what happens. I was also told that I shouldn’t keep any plugins that I don’t have active, I should delete them.

After speaking for a while and troubleshooting he went and talked to someone else and said yes there was a slight issue with a couple of their nodes, but it shouldn’t be affecting my site this way and he still thinks it was one of my plugins that was causing the problem. So that was a 35 minute phone call that ended with me thinking it was pretty much my fault and one of my plugins was causing my site to crash.

Six hours later, and too many attempts to login I finally got all of the plugins shut off. This took me all day basically, because I could disable one and then the site would error out and have to restart the process all over again.

Anyway, six hours later I decided to do some searching and hit the GoDaddy forums where I found everyone is complaining about their sites being down for days now. It’s a known issue, so why not tell me that in the first place?

They knew about the problem but yet essentially blamed me for my site being down. They said it was probably because of my plugins, when this was plainly NOT true. They knew they were having issues, but yet still blamed me. I don’t understand that at all.

How is it my fault that your having issues with your server?

Why blame the customer?

Why lie to the customer?

Why not just tell the truth?

So basically I spent all day fiddling with the site, deactivating and deleting my plugins when I didn’t have to do any of that. If I would have been told the truth the first time I wouldn’t have had to waste my time.