Daily Archives: March 6, 2013

911 is a Joke!

Yeah I know we’ve all heard ‘911 is a joke’ before but I now have real first hand experience with it.

Yesterday my wife and kids got in a traffic accident right down the street from us at a horrible intersection. This intersection has stop signs on both sides but none for the traffic turning onto it. There are the stop signs but there are also yellow warning signs that say traffic from right doesn’t stop. People don’t care about stop signs and the lady just went through it and hit my wife and kids.

It’s a horrible intersection I’ve almost been hit several times, including twice today by people who just don’t give a fuck and just go right through the stop sign. They have stop signs, the side street has the right of way plain and simple. Like I said there are even signs telling drivers this, but do they care? Nope!

Anyway, the intersection is like 10 houses down from ours so it’s close, one of my kids ran home to tell me to call 911 and I did, that’s when it got interesting.

The 911 operator refused to send police and an ambulance because I wasn’t at the scene of the accident. I told him no I was home and my son just came to tell me about it and I asked them to send the police and ambulance and he said no he needed more information before he could do that. I told him what happened and where it happened but that wasn’t good enough apparently. He told me I would have to stay on the phone with him and walk down to the accident or just call back!!!! I was on my cordless phone so it wasn’t going to reach and I didn’t have shoes on or anything so I had to go down and then call back from my cellphone.

I don’t understand why they flat out refused to send the police and ambulance when I called at first, it makes no sense.

What the fuck is wrong with this system?!?!