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Plastic Handgrip for PS Vita Review


A new review by me on Mobility Digest!


Quote: "I’m sure you’ve noticed by now that we’re covering a bit of gaming here on Mobility Digest, it’s an attempt to diversify, and I guess it works. There is mobile gaming out there and it’s not just on our phones, I’ve got a few different portable gaming consoles and they’ve got plenty of accessories for them which I like to accumulate. The PS Vita is the latest and greatest portable gaming console on the market and personally I like it for the most part. Today for review I’ve got what I think is a must-have accessory for your PS Vita, it’s simple and it’s very inexpensive coming in at only $4. It doesn’t have any special fancy name, but the name exactly describes what it is, the Plastic Handgrip for PS Vita. It’s an accessory that I truly love, I find it very useful and it just makes gaming much more fun really."

Diablotek UL Series PSUL675 675 Watt ATX Power Supply Review



Quote: "The power supply is important in your system, but I think it depends on the type of system you’re running. If you’re running a high end enthusiast style system with multiple hard drives and graphics cards I think I’d want a high-end, expensive and reputable power supply. If you’re running a basic system for just web browsing and checking your email you might not need a high end one, but you might be looking for something that would be considered budget and that’s what I have for review today. The power supply is the PSUL675 which is a 675 watt one from Diablotek which sells for under $50 most places I looked online. I’ve had this PSU installed for some time and I’ve had no real issues with it, but that’s not to say it’s great. Read on to learn more…"

Noctua NF-A15 PWM 150mm Cooling Fan Review



"The cooling fan isn’t the most exciting thing to review, surely I’d rather be reviewing a video card or maybe a game, but the cooling fan is something that is truly needed in your system as without it you will no doubt run into problems! When it comes to fans, I think Noctua is probably the leading company out there as they are one that puts everything into design and innovation of their cooling products. Today for review I have one of their latest fans, the model NF-A15 PWM, which is a 150mm fan, but it actually has mounts for 140mm sizes. The special design of the NF-A15 allows you to mount a 150mm fan wherever you can install a 140mm fan giving you full 150mm airflow performance but in a smaller sized area. Read on to learn more about a great fan… "

TestFreaks Site Re-Design Done!


I finally finished the re-design of TestFreaks site!

It was a pain in the ass as I had to re-do the entire thing from scratch after I re-designed it the first time.

I was using a free version of the template as I wasn’t sure if it was what I wanted so I did the work and liked it. I went and bought the full or pro version but I found that I just couldn’t transfer my changes over so I pretty much had to start from the beginning as the pro version is different than the free.

oh well, go check it out:

Landmark Poker Movies


Poker was often portrayed in the movies as a game involving hustlers and criminals. When gambling was prohibited in the United States during the great depression, many mobsters and gangland bosses made their money from illegal gambling, giving filmmakers a seedy but exciting backdrop to many early poker centric based movies.