Hackers Are SO Annoying

So someone has been trying to hack my site at dragonsteelmods.com since the 10th and it’s like non-stop every few minutes or so and it’s so damn annoying.

I have it set so it emails me when someone tries to login and it sends me the login id and password and IP address that was used and I woke up this morning with almost a whole page of just those and yesterday morning.

Look at this, this is what my trash looks like right now for pages and pages, each one is a hack attempt….


it’s funny in a way as there is no ‘Admin’ account on any of my sties, but yet that’s what they are trying to use to get in. I delete the admin account as soon as I setup any sites, but yet it doesn’t matter.

Hell I even posted about it and told them there is no admin account, but apparently they don’t care to read the site, they just want in.

I can’t figure out how they’re doing it as I do have captcha enabled on the login page and they’re just bypassing it completely.

I don’t get it, why are there people like this in the world who just want to cause harm to others?!