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I Need A Sponsor for My Site…


So I’m on GoDaddy hosting and when you buy one of their hosting plans they advertise unlimited storage but apparently they’ve taken a page from cellular companies and their unlimited isn’t really unlimited at all.

TestFreaks the Blog closed, they decided to focus on the business to business aspect of things and they basically gave me the blog but I had to change the name and we came up with Technogog, which is fine. To get started I picked a GoDaddy shared hosting account, one of the middle tiers and I upload my site and got a warning that I was running out of resources and so I spent the money and upgraded the server to resource level 3 from the default thinking that might solve my problem. More ram, dual CPU etc and it didn’t fix the issues apparently.

I found out that there’s some fine print I didn’t read, and GoDaddy doesn’t have an asterisk by the ‘unlimited storage’ that they advertise but I found the fine print and I found out that there’s a limit of 250,000 files and folders you can have on the server, which I’m at about 211,000 right now. I called then to see what I can do and the guy I talked to was actually very helpful and I need to move to a new server it seems but I don’t have the money as I’m not making money since the server can’t handle the site now. (decent servers are expensive and at this point in time I would be paying more than I’m actually making and can’t do that) The site crashes every time I post something now, it’s annoying. Having a site and not having it be able to be visited can be a problem when it comes to making any money from it.

Since I don’t have any money to upgrade I wonder how hard it would be to get someone to sponsor my site? I’ve never looked into it but I’ve learned it’s possible.

I was looking into new hosting providers and found that Namecheap actually has a sponsorship program but it says it can take several weeks for them to review the submission. Yeah I get it, they’re busy, but I need a server now so I can actually post content so I can get visitors so I can maybe make some money.

I don’t know, this is just a rambling post I guess, just complaining, but I’m allowed as it’s my site, but as of now I don’t know what to do unless I come into some money.

If I stayed with GoDaddy they have specific WordPress hosting without the files and folders limitations.  Right now they have a special on it for the middle tier of just $9.99 per month, it’s regularly $19.99 per month. So if I had about $120 I could get it for a year but I’m worried as there is a limit of 250,000 monthly visitors. I’m not sure what my exact visitor count per month is right now as I thought a plugin was the issue with the site so I didn’t have Google analytics on for a few days and of course the site being down all the time doesn’t help either. According to the Cpanel metrics on  GoDaddy for the site I got about 190,000 visitors in December and as of yesterday it’s a little over 170,000 visitors. So that middle tier wouldn’t work as it only has a 250,000 limit so I would need the highest level which is on sale for $29.99 per month which is regularly $69.99 per month so I would need at least $360 for a year of hosting to be locked into that price. That level of hosting says ‘millions’ of visitors per month, whatever that means, but it’s better than a 250k limit right?

I wonder if I could get an advertiser or sponsor for this, and it doesn’t have to be GoDaddy hosting of course, that was just an example.

If I could like sell a couple advertising spots for like $500 per year that would be awesome, I could lock in the price and pay for a couple/few years in advance with that GoDaddy WordPress hosting. Any takers?  A nice 300×250 sidebar banner ad?

I don’t know what to do at this point…  blah…

New Theme


Yes it’s been many years since I updated the theme here and it was time for a change so here’s the new theme, I think I’m done with it now. Maybe, maybe not…


Prove You’re Not a Pirate to Get Free Support


Some things in life just really piss me off. I can understand piracy is a bad thing and you want to protect your work, no big deal I understand that, but when you change things around, move sites around and then make your users prove they’re not a pirate to get free support, it’s just annoying to me. (Maybe I didn’t phrase that exactly how I wanted, but whatever…lack of sleep I guess, only got about 4 hours last night..)

I do a fair amount of website design specifically with WordPress. Free templates are great but sometimes the individual wants or finds a premium template they like but want it modified which is what I do.

When I do a website for someone I don’t buy anything, it’s not in my name, none of it. If you like a template I’ll tell you to go buy it and install it then give me access and I’ll fix, change it whatever to how you want it. It’s all in the owners name, plain and simple and that’s how it should be I think.

I’m not going to mention the company right now until I see how all this plays out.

I’m working on a site now with a template that was purchased back in May or June of 2012 because the owner liked it. Since then he switched to other templates and now we’re back to this one as he likes it after trying others. Emails and stuff get lost, especially after more than a year, things happen to computers and people forget.

So I’m working on this site now and for whatever reason I can’t find how to limit the number of related posts shown on the post pages. The template I’m working with is huge and all kinds of custom code in it and I’ve found it to be just annoying and frustrating to work with overall, but that’s my problem to figure it out. So I can’t find, after hours of scouring through code and looking everywhere, through every file and I can’t find it so I figured instead of wasting more time I’d just email support with the very simple question of how to limit the numbers of posts shown for the related section. It’s most likely something just stupidly obvious but I’m just missing it…

The coding really isn’t intuitive or straight forward, plain and simple they don’t want you to modify it, at least that how it seems to me.

The company was on Theme Forest but they left and opened their own site. Apparently nothing is left of them on Theme Forest either, none of the old support chats or anything it seems.

So I email then with the question and I have to basically prove that I didn’t pirate the theme or they won’t answer my simple question. That’s where missing things like emails and files come into play. So the template was bought like 18 or 19 months ago and I have to find the proof of purchase or they won’t give me the free support. What happens if it can’t be found? Guess no support then right?

From what I recall when we first got the theme I had some questions then and I recall they weren’t exactly the friendliest bunch of people to get support from, so I guess this shouldn’t surprise me at all..

Lots of things can happen in that time period, hard drives die, people don’t backup as often as they should etc etc. So if the proof of purchase can’t be found then I get no support.

I get it, I understand it about protecting your work but that doesn’t mean I have to like it…

I don’t know, it’s just annoying… whatever

How-To: Blogging: Useful Programs for Blogging


Not sure if this would be actually considered a ‘How-To’ but it could be part of one anyway! I do a lot a blogging and writing and stuff for websites but I find I only really use just a few programs for all of it and I thought I’d share them with you as maybe you could find them useful as I do. Many of the programs I use are free, but some aren’t of course. You could easily go a grab the free ones, and I would highly recommend you do, these are programs I’ve used for years and just find them indispensible. The pay programs I use are excellent as well, but you don’t have to use them of course, but you might might want to. Most of these programs are general usage so it’s not just WordPress. So read on for the programs that I use most often that you might have not known existed.

Hackers Are SO Annoying

So someone has been trying to hack my site at dragonsteelmods.com since the 10th and it’s like non-stop every few minutes or so and it’s so damn annoying.

I have it set so it emails me when someone tries to login and it sends me the login id and password and IP address that was used and I woke up this morning with almost a whole page of just those and yesterday morning.

Look at this, this is what my trash looks like right now for pages and pages, each one is a hack attempt….


it’s funny in a way as there is no ‘Admin’ account on any of my sties, but yet that’s what they are trying to use to get in. I delete the admin account as soon as I setup any sites, but yet it doesn’t matter.

Hell I even posted about it and told them there is no admin account, but apparently they don’t care to read the site, they just want in.

I can’t figure out how they’re doing it as I do have captcha enabled on the login page and they’re just bypassing it completely.

I don’t get it, why are there people like this in the world who just want to cause harm to others?!

WordPress 2.5.1 out now

Well I’ve done what I was told by WP security and re-installed everything, and I even upgraded to WP 2.5.1 from the original 2.5 so now I should be nice and secure…

so the new WP is out now, I suggest you go and get it ASAP and upgrade your installation.

Here’s to hoping anyway..

Maybe now I’ll get that stupid warning off of my Google listing eh?

and as for the new WordPress, honestly I don’t like the new version.. I don’t like how things have changed in it, the layout of the backend etc… dunno maybe it’s just me, but I liked it much better back the way it was