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Bad Hacker IP Addresses

So for the past hour or so this site has been under attack I guess you could say by hackers trying to gain access via the Admin account.

So here’s a nice little list of all the IP addresses they used. A lot of them are single attempts, but most of them are multiple attempts to gain entry into the site…. So these all could be considered bad IP addresses but I’m sure a lot of them are spoofed as well, so it’s hard to block them…

Hackers Are SO Annoying

So someone has been trying to hack my site at dragonsteelmods.com since the 10th and it’s like non-stop every few minutes or so and it’s so damn annoying.

I have it set so it emails me when someone tries to login and it sends me the login id and password and IP address that was used and I woke up this morning with almost a whole page of just those and yesterday morning.

Look at this, this is what my trash looks like right now for pages and pages, each one is a hack attempt….


it’s funny in a way as there is no ‘Admin’ account on any of my sties, but yet that’s what they are trying to use to get in. I delete the admin account as soon as I setup any sites, but yet it doesn’t matter.

Hell I even posted about it and told them there is no admin account, but apparently they don’t care to read the site, they just want in.

I can’t figure out how they’re doing it as I do have captcha enabled on the login page and they’re just bypassing it completely.

I don’t get it, why are there people like this in the world who just want to cause harm to others?!

86 hack attempts in 3 minutes..

wow.. that was interesting..

someone from Italy with the IP just attempted to guess my password and user name 86 times in less than three minutes..

Specifically they were in Veneto, Conegliano and they live off of Via Pompeo Molmenti road, or street.. and their ISP is Netscalibur S.p.A.

I love this little plugin I have that sends me and email with ip address and info of what they tried to use..

they were trying thing like the username of Admin, but  passwords like calvin, qwerty,kate, arthur, carlos, testtest, administrator…

oh well.. but they stopped at 86 tries…  fun-fun

Edit..   now we’re up to 126 attempts…   do people actually use passwords like 1234567, and 654321 ?!  that’s just stupid.. the best has to be ‘administatorpassword’ as the password!

Spammers and Hackers need to get a life or just up and die

Since I have Counterize enabled on my blogs it’s always interesting to see what’s going on, and it’s kinda cool that the blogs will email me if there’s an error somewhere like someone trying to go somewhere on my site and not being able to access it…

Lately I’ve come across quite a few ‘hacker’ entries, and actually backtracked them to the originating server, and even went so far as to explore the stuff they’ve got in there, all of there hacking tools, like scanners etc. It’s really interesting because they like have their names right in there, or at least their aliases, they sign their programs and work, leave email addresses and IRC channel addresses to contact them with…

I also found it interesting that most of the hackers use PocketPCs to do this stuff…

Here’s a screencap from Counterize showing what I mean:


You can click the tiny one for it to open full screen to 1137×153 size…

anyway, I even went through their directories and downloaded the tools they use just to check them out and get some more info about them.. why, curiosity I guess…

as for Spammers, I was thinking, they are a real PITA, I get quite a bit of spam, thank God for Akismet really, but wouldn’t it be cool if those spammers would at least click on one of our ads? I mean they make use go through these junk messages/comments, couldn’t they at least make it worth our while to do so?

Back to the hackers… these guys are a trip, here’s an excerpt from their code:

# Release Name : XxX-SuperScan-XxX
# RFi Scanner Christmas Release ! 😀
# ————- [% Notes %] ————-
# This rfi scanner contains piece of code from; PitBull CreW, Mic22, Inphex.
# And also lets just say more version wil come 😛
# With this release you must be happy since its the best RFi Scanner around.
# And its even public, happy x-mas ! 😀
# You can also PM the bot with your scan, this is handy when you have loaded multiple scanners.

and here’s another that I found rather funny as well:

# Mafia_KB, i hope i pretty fucked up your sell
# asking 2000 fucking euros for a crappy scan ?
# this one is 1000 times better so i hope
# it affects your sell even more lol.

Oh well.. tis life I guess

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