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Protective Aluminum Cover Plastic Case for PS Vita Review



Quote: "I love my PS Vita, but I haven’t found a case yet that I truly like, that is until now I think. I found one on Deal Extreme for only $6, and I thought why not check it out as I’m always on the look out for a good deal. I’ll be honest I was not expecting much at all from this case considering the price, but I like it a lot, it looks great, it’s well made and it fully protects the Vita while offering access to all ports and buttons. If you’re looking for a decent case for your Vita then check this one out and read on for the review…"

Hawken Beta Code Giveaway @ TestFreaks



"So I’ve got over a 100 or so Hawken beta codes courtesy of Muskin to give away. If you like FPS games and you like mechs, then you should know what Hawken is by now! The game does not officially launch until December 12th, but there are two sets of days coming up where you can play the beta version. You’ll not only be able to play the game, but you’ll be able to reserve your call sign for the actual game by registering now for it so you’ll be ready when it officially launches. We’ve got a few ways to get a code, so read on to see how to get in on the action! "

3-in-1 RJ45 Network / RJ11 and USB Cable Tester Review

I forgot to post this yesterday…  new review by me!



Quote: "If you’re a tech enthusiast, chances are you’ve got a cable tester of one kind or another in your tool box. A cable tester isn’t something that average user needs all of the time, I have a need for one maybe twice per year but it’s nice to have one when you need it. For review today I’ve got the 3-in-1 RJ45 Network / RJ11 and USB Cable Tester, yes this tester can not only test phone and Ethernet cables but also USB cables which I thought was kind of interesting. This tester is from Deal Extreme, who is known for very low prices, and it costs under ten dollars. Is it worth it? Yes I think so, that is if you don’t plan on using for professional uses as it’s not exactly the best quality when it comes to construction. For under ten dollars though we really can’t expect much though right? I’ve tested it and does work as it should, for the average person this is an inexpensive product that will do the job it’s needed for."

USPS Takes Four Days to Go From New York to Pittsburgh?!


Seriously here USPS?

Four days to get from New York to Pittsburgh?

I can drive there in a little under 7 hours. Which means about 14 hours round trip, still though four days for a 7 hour drive? Makes no sense to me at all.

…and people wonder why there not doing any good right?

Yes it’s International, so it has to go through customs. It’s a microSD card, PS Vita case and Network Tester. I don’t see how there could be a problem with it in customs.

I would think the ‘Processes Through Sort Facility’ means that it was processed and it’s done right? Probably not though…

Why I Will Not Vote Republican Ever Again…


I’ll admit it, I’m a Republican, at least on paper or registration, but I haven’t voted in a long time because I don’t like any of them really as they don’t really do anything for the little people. It’s all about money and lobbyists and corporations who can pay the most money, those are the ones that get what they want, even if it isn’t in the public interest. I don’t plan on voting for anyone this election and I want to de-register if that’s possible, or at least I’ll change it to undecided or something or other but I WILL NOT VOTE REPUBLICAN ever again!

The main reason I won’t vote is because I am sick and tired of the phones calls from them. They are non-stop and at all hours of the day and evening. These pre-recorded messages are being sent and if I don’t answer it hangs up on my answering machine. They call and my machine picks up and it’s just silence for a second or so which my machine takes as a message. I come home and there’s ten messages on my machine one day, EVERY SINGLE ONE was a hang up or silence basically.

If I do get a real phone call, I have to sit there and listen to all of those messages until I get to a real one.

I can look at the caller ID and of course every single one is a private caller so I can’t even call back and tell them to stop calling and harassing me. FIOS allows you to block numbers via the website, but I can’t block them because they’re private, so they just keep calling and calling.

I’m tempted to get the call block on my phone for private callers. If a private number calls it doesn’t get through, it gets a message stating we don’t accept calls from private numbers. Sadly I have to pay extra for that and I don’t think I should have to pay money to not be bothered at all hours of the day by these people.

They’ve pissed me off so bad with all of these phone calls, I will never vote Republican again. I won’t vote Democrat either but I just won’t vote at all as I just can’t stand all of these phone calls every, single day. I wish the Do Not Call list applied to politics but sadly it doesn’t.

I’m sick of it.

You’ve lost of voter, you’ve lost a Republican vote and you did it to yourself by harassing me non-stop.

I hope more people will join me really and maybe they’ll get the message that we don’t want these calls.