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Genius Kids Designer II 5” x 8” Graphic Tablet for Kids Review


And another review by me on TestFreaks..


"About two years ago I reviewed a product from Genius, the Kids Designer graphics tablet, and I’m happy to report that my youngest son still uses it to this day and very much enjoy it. The Kids Designer tablet is a great product for children but Genius has decided to improve upon it with the Kids Designer II Graphics Tablet which is what I have for review today. This second generation tablet looks very much different from the first and this one includes a wireless pen instead of wired like the first one has. If you have young children then this is certainly a product your should look into, my kids love it and I think your will too.  "

Zeroshock III Compact Camera Case Review


Another review by me over on Mobility Digest…


Quote: "Hello everyone, I’m back with a quick review for you of another camera case from our friends at Love Cases. This case is special in that it’s extra padded with a material that can supposedly withstand shocks of up to 100g! I’m thinking my camera will be very safe from drops when it’s inside of this case. So read on to learn a bit more about a very protective case…"

News and Reviews for September 24th 2012


It’s about 1am on Monday morning, yes I’m up and I shouldn’t be as my alarm is set for 6:45am. I’ve been working on my roof, I think I will finally be done this week if the weather holds out. It’s hard doing stuff by yourself, especially something like a roof, but I managed. I’ve got a lot of stuff I want to post here, a few more how-to’s and just a lot of stuff. So check back later in the week and I’ll get some more stuff posted. For now I need to go to bed, get up take my kids to school, then get back on the roof. Read the news for now..

Giada Mini PC A51 Review



"I always thought an HTPC had to be a big, basically full sized computer, or at least something with at least a microATX motherboard in it with a standard video card along with a decent CPU. My thought on that have changed recently since I’ve got to spend some time with the product I’ve got for review today which is the Giada Mini PC A51. This little PC is what’s called a Nettop as it’s close to a Netbook really but it’s not portable. The A51 features an AMD T56N CPU with a Radeon HD 6320 integrated graphics chip which is capable of 1080P playback on your HDTV via the built-in HDMI connection. The A51 also has built-in wi-fi, Ethernet and Bluetooth so you’ve got connection choices as well, it’s also Windows 7 compatible and to top it off it only uses 30 watts of power. The A51 is very small, you can easily hide it among your other home theater components or even mount it to the back of a monitor if you want to use it as a regular PC for everyday use. So read on to learn about an inexpensive Mini PC that would make a great addition to any home theater setup or it could be used as a light duty computer for your everyday needs.  "

Crumpler CC 55 Digital Compact Camera Case Review



" Hello all, I’m back with another quick review for you of a camera case made for compact cameras like the Fuji Finepix Z900EXR I recently reviewed. The Z900EXR is a great camera but that 3.5” touch screen needs some protection I think and Love Cases has sent me over one that I think does a great job at it. The case I have for review today is the Crumpler CC 55 Digital Compact Camera Case with Strap in a red and nickel color scheme. The case features padding for protection, a small inside pocket for accessories like batteries or memory cards and overall it’s well made. "



I hate telemarketers. I’m on the federal and state do not call lists and yet they keep calling.

This is one that I get quite a few calls from, despite the fact that I constantly tell them to stop calling. They keep changing the number they call from, but yet it’s still them.

The company is supposedly Find the Right Job .com (yes I’m not linking to them) and the latest number is 917-580-6827

I never gave them my number, I never asked them to call me, but yet they have it and they keep calling.

I wish they would just crawl up into a ball and die like the vermin that they are.

So I’m just going to keep listing their numbers and any other number that I get from these people so others out there will know who is trying to scam them and who is harassing them constantly.