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It’s Jamaica calling mon!!!!!

Yep, here’s another scammer number to add to the ever growing list!

This one is from Jamaica of all places.

This one actually has a article or two I found on Google from local news websites. here’s one of them:http://www.wistv.com/story/19494875/jackson-county-sheriffs-office-warns-of-phone-scams

That’s from WISTV10 website and Jackson County, IL and the sheriff’s office was actually issuing a warning about it.

There’s several scams related to this one including you won money, you won a car, or there’s a delivery for you and you have to pay whatever amount to get it through customs or some such thing.

The company that provides service for the number is http://www.digiceljamaica.com/ and I contacted them via email and filed a complaint and I actually got several responses back and forth between me and a very helpful representative. They actually promised to look into it for me and see what they can do about it. I’m not sure if anything will actually happen but maybe if enough people complain to them, they might do something about it.

Feel free to add your experience to the comments below..