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AppToyz AppRacer Remote Control Buggy for iPhone / iPod Touch Review


Another review by me…


Quote: “I’m back with another review, this one is of what you might call an accessory for your iPhone or iPod Touch, at least I think it’s an accessory but it’s more of a toy. I love remote control devices of all sorts, and these devices with touchscreens offer a new way to control R/C gadgets. So today I have for review the AppToyz AppRacer Remote Control Buggy that will work with your iPhone or iPod Touch and use it as the remote. The AppRacer Buggy is controlled via infrared signals sent from the transmitter that attaches to your iDevice and you use the touchscreen or tilt controls to make the buggy drive about. So read one to learn more… “

Wii to HDMI Converter Review


New review by me at TestFreaks:



"Technology is great but sometimes it just moves to fast I think. Most everything we have when it comes to video is HDMI, but some aren’t for whatever reason. One of those devices is the Wii, hopefully the new Wii U will have HDMI but for now we’re stuck with composite or component and a relatively low resolution on our HDTVs. I recently got a handy little device from a company called Sewell Direct that can let you use HDMI with your Wii and even upscale it to 1080P and it works for the most part, for me it upscaled to 720p, which is of course better than 480p. So read on… "

Arrow to the Knee

Yep I took and arrow to the knee..  not really but at times it feels like it.

It sucks really, I’ve got excruciating pain in my knees at times.. most of the time actually, but bending them, like going up steps, causes me pain like I’ve never felt before and I don’t like it. Then again I don’t know who would like it.. oh whatever…

How To Re-Enable ISO Image Burning in Windows 7


So a little while ago I got an SSD and did a clean or fresh install of Windows 7. I do own Nero and I totally forgot to re-install but I needed to burn a DVD from an ISO file. I remember that Windows 7 has this ability built right in and went to do it but when I clicked on the file it popped up the error that no application is associated with this file type. Normally you can double click it or right click and click ‘burn disc image’ but neither of those worked for me. It seems something went awry with the ISO association somewhere. I didn’t want to sit through the install process and update of Nero so I did some searching and figured out a quick way to fix the ISO file association via the registry. Don’t worry you don’t actually have to manually edit the registry.

The fix is simple and quick and it will re-enable ISO and Image association in Windows 7.


All you have to do is copy and paste the below code in the box into notepad and save it as “ISO.reg”

-without the quotes of course….

Once the file is saved, just double click it and say yes to add the entries into the registry and that’s it. Very simple and rather painless and your file associations are set again and you have the right click option available again to burn disc image as well. It will all be back to normal or the way it’s supposed to be.


Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00


@="Disc Image File"






X3i Micro Mobile Speakers Review


Another review of mine over at TestFreaks:


"I’m back with another quick review for you, of a decent little product. Most MP3 players don’t have speakers and most phones has inadequate speakers so what’s a person to do? One thing you can do is get a set of external speakers like the X3i Micro Mobile Speakers that I have for review today. These speakers are small and portable, portability is important I think when it comes to devices like this as surely you’ll take them with you. Sound quality is important as well and these are pretty good and they’re very loud, much louder than you’d expect from such small speakers. Overall they’re perfect for what they need to do, but they do have one small flaw I think…  "