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CrystalView E-Pad Touch 7” 720MHz Android Tablet Review




Android tablets have become kind of joke really there are many cheap ones out there and they’re giving the decent ones a bad name. I feel if you’re going to devote time and resources to something, then your should build a quality product, get the correct licensing etc and make it something that people will actually want to own. The inexpensive on the market today are more just toys, they’re running old versions of Android and have limited functionality. Are the cheap ones even worth it? They can be worthwhile I think, something for kids to play with and enjoy. They’re basically just something to browse the internet and play games with. Today for review I’ve got the Crystalview E-Pad Touch 7” Android tablet. This tablet has a 720Mhz CPU in it and is running Android 2.1. Honestly it’s pretty bad, even for the low price that it’s selling for.

Do Not Use Sergeant’s Evolve Flea and Tick Drops on Your Dogs!



I applied Sergeants evolve flea and tick drops last night to my dogs. I have two Pitbulls who are 5 months old. I bought it because the store didn’t have our normal Frontline and I thought the company name and products were reputable. Within an hour of applying the product both of my dogs were acting weird and whining. This got worse as the night progressed, they didn’t sleep and neither did I. They whined, cried, scratched and twitched all night long and into the morning. When I let them out of their pens they ran around the house rolling around on the floor whining and crying, rubbing up against anything they could find, knocking over chairs and just being very odd. I did some research and found that there are thousands of complaints about this product, I wish I had knew this before the purchase as I would never have bought it. I bathed the dogs immediately first thing in the morning after reading about the deaths of other dogs. They only have it on for about 7 hours total, and they seem a little better. The scratching has subsided and they’re actually asleep now. As they’re sleeping they’re twitching though. I’m hoping I got to them early enough that no severe damage has occurred to them. I will never buy another Sergeant’s product for my pets again, and I will gladly tell others to stay away. I also bought the Sergeant’s gold for my cats, but I’m afraid to use it on them. I already opened the box so I can’t return it to the store. So basically I’m out the cost of both boxes now, what a waste. Why won’t they take these products off of the shelves if they know of these problems?!

So far no damage to my pets. It’s early though, and I hope they’re going to be ok. I think I got it all washed off early enough that it won’t cause any damage to them, but only time will tell really. My smaller dog does seem to have an irritation on her back, it feels matted and hard. The only economic damage is that I’m out the cost of two boxes of their product since I’m not going to use it on my cats now after reading about and then seeing the reactions in my dogs.

I filed a complaint already at Consumer Affairs, not that it’s actually going to do much good I’m sure. I’m amazed that they are selling this product, there are thousands of complaints about this and their other products out there. Dogs and cats are dying and getting sick because of them, but they don’t seem to care. The ones who survive are only doing so after costly vet bills…

So stay away from this product please…


EDIT – UPDATE:  Well it’s the same day, just late afternoon. The smallest dog, Samantha, has developed two of what look like chemical burns on her back. They’re seeping and rather nasty.. fun-fun, we’ll see what happens here.

EDIT: 6-23-11 – UPDATE

So things have gotten worse with Samantha.

Here’s a couple pictures of what this stuff did to my dog, warning they are a bit graphic: