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The New Netflix Interface is Horrible

Yes it’s horrible..

They’ve hit the 5000 comment limit on the Netflix blog and I’d say 99% are complaints about it. Yet they don’t care, they won’t change it back.

I hate it. I hate it. I hate it.

I’d leave if it wasn’t for the fact that they’re the best thing around I’m sure.

I now spend much more time trying to find a movie that I used to. I think they changed it so people would spend more time looking for movies instead of actually watching them.

Seriously I have to stop looking after a while as my eyes start to hurt. They like glaze over and get fuzzy from watching them scroll by. It’s horrible, the new interface is just horrible. If I search for movies for a long time, letting it scroll by, when I stop it’s like it’s still going, all blurry like.

Netflix please listen to your customers and change it back, or at least give us the option to use the old interface.

Why are you doing this to your customers? I would love to know who actually approved this horrid ‘improvement’. I’d like to see him lose his job. Who actually did they talk to about it? Supposedly they had a test group, were they all high when they viewed it? That’s the only thing I could think of as to how and why the new interface was liked in the test groups. They had to be high on something to think it was an improvement.

Gack.. I would love to leave, and just cancel.

I’m looking into Amazon but it doesn’t really work with the Xbox360, sure it does but it had to be streamed from your PC. I see no PS3 or Wii support, and I’ll have to search and see if one of my blu-ray players is supported or not. Amazon VOD isn’t like Netflix at all really, you have to rent them individually or join Amazon prime. I guess it’s not a bad deal for streaming at $79 per year when compared to Netflix, but I think Netflix has a bigger selection.

Hulu, well I can’t stand Hulu, at least the free version.., the stupid commercials are just so damn loud it’s impossible to watch anything at night without sitting there with my finger on the mute button. Hulu is only TV shows though, which are mostly stupid reality TV which I can’t stand. Looking right now I see only 58 movies on Hulu Plus and only 20 are in HD. I don’t think that’s an option at all.

Please Netflix, have some pity on my eyeballs and change it back.. or at least let me use the old interface.

Verizon Wireless Samsung 4G LTE Mobile Hotspot SCH–LC11 Review





4G is all the rage right now, sadly my phone only has 3G like the majority of everyone else I would think. Having a tablet or laptop with built-in internet access is nice but it’s limiting as you can only use that device to access the internet, but with a portable hotspot anything you own can have internet access anywhere you go. Verizon has been the forerunner for spreading 4G LTE all over the nation and they’ve sent me over their 4G mobile hotspot to review, it’s the Samsung SCH–LC11 to be exact. So let’s just get into it…