Daily Archives: August 13, 2007

Inslink Financial Inc

Well I’ve totally lost the post for Inslink Financial Inc, or North American Millions Jackpot or USA Millions Jackpot. So I thought I would post the pictures again of the actual letter and check for all to see. The thumbnails link to large hi-res scans.
Here’s the check they sent to me, yeah it looks very real:

and here’s the actual letter:

And here’s a bit more information:

Robert Smith or Catherine Jennings
Ph: 1-778-316-8161

North American Millions Jackpot
USA Millions Jackpot
Inslink Financial Inc.

Head Office:
Suite 500
3100 Temple Drive
Windsor, Ontario, Canada N8w 5j6

US Branch:
Suite 500
665 Broadway St.
New York, New York US 10012

John Adams
Chief Financial Officer, Phd

Essentially it says I’ve won $250,000 and if I don’t clain the prize in thirty days it will be returned to USA Millions Jackpot…

but I thought it was the North American Millions Jackpot, but now they say it’s the USA Millions Jackpot.

-Says I have to cash check and give them $2,900 for taxes by calling Rob or Catherine at the above listed number… umm yeah right..

Well I knew it was a scam but I was curious so I called Horizon Bank just to see, they directed me to customer service and immediately knew what I was talking about. So it’s well known to them…

as I said this is an abridged version of the original post, I can’t even find it on Google Cache…

and as sort of an update to this I’ve got yet another scam post coming up in a few.. need to scan it in.. but it’s another good one…

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