Daily Archives: August 25, 2007

Infinuvo QQ-2 Cleanmate Robot Vacuum

Pretty much everyone has heard of a Roomba, the little Robot Vacuum that became so popular all over the place. Well I’ve had a Cleanmate QQ-1 Robot Vacuum for about two years now and I love it… What? You’ve never heard of a Cleanmate? Well then you’ll like this review, it’s of the newest Cleanmate Robot Vacuum, the QQ-2 model. It’s essentially an upgrade to the QQ-1 model, with a home charging base that the QQ-2 goes back to and charges by itself, then it goes on cleaning your house till you tell it to stop. I’ve got three kids and two cats, so I’ve put the Cleanmate QQ-2 through quite a bit of work cleaning and I have to say that it actually performs better than the QQ-1 version, I love this little robot just as much as the first model… Yes I love a robot, it’s just so cute..

Stop drop on by over at DSM and check out this great little Robot that gives the Roomba a run for it’s money…