Aliens Among Us? Alien Visitations? Nope!


I can’t believe that in the vastness of the universe that we’re the only intelligent life, there has to be more out there, if not it’s just really sad. I hope before I die that I get to find the answer to that but I don’t think I will really.

Why would aliens come visit us on Earth? Seriously though, why would they want to come here? If these aliens are advanced enough to have interstellar travel what would their point be to come here? They couldn’t learn anything from us that’s for sure, maybe they might want to take our planet and resources and use us for slaves or maybe even food, but other than that I see no real reason any more advanced species would want to come here. They might want to come here to save the planet from us, wipe us out since we’re plundering the planet and we’re like a virus or infestation on the planet just killing it.

I can see them up there like ‘stay away from that planet, it’s bad, they’re all horrible people, they kill each other over imaginary invisible beings in the sky’. The aliens would compare our planet to like the ghetto, ‘you don’t want to go there, it’s bad, it’s not safe’. They would be up there like ‘stay away from that backwater, inbred, redneck planet, it’s just not safe to visit’.

They’re probably up there waiting for us to annihilate ourselves and just move in and take over as the new tenants, they would have to be better than us. They really wouldn’t have to do anything, the way we’re going we’ll kill ourselves soon so they would have no need to expend resources for any type of attack, just sit back and wait for us to do it for them.

I couldn’t even see them coming here to study us, well maybe they might want to study what makes us want to kill each other and destroy the planet, but I don’t think they would want to study our bodies like some claim has happened to them. If they were that advanced I don’t think they would need to abduct us, they could just scan from a safe distance and know everything then and there with no contact needed.

Yeah no, I don’t see any reason a more intelligent alien race would want to come here besides to conquer and enslave us and not sure they would want to do even that. Most are all fat and lazy and self-absorbed and really wouldn’t make good slaves at all, or even food. Yuck, all the crap we eat and put in our bodies, we can’t taste that good or be that nutritious?!

It would be nice if aliens did come in peace and visit us to save us from ourselves. Aliens coming would prove there is no god to all those radical religious sects, but then again they’ll probably say that god sent them. It would be nice if they came here and helped us, if they did something good to stop us from killing ourselves and the planet. It might not be bad if they came and took over, they could come, take over and make us stop and fix the damage we’ve done to ourselves and the planet.

No I’m not some greenie, tree hugger, but I’m not stupid either, I can see where it’s going, we’re expanding at an unsustainable pace and stripping the planet of resources, we have to do something. I think we should have been researching space travel for a log time, trying to find somewhere else to live, or somewhere else to get resources from, but no, we’re more worried about weapons and to self-involved to see the big picture.

I truly hope there are aliens watching and they’re using us as an example of what not to do as a civilization to teach others. I think we’re too far gone for any of their help, I don’t think their help would be accepted, chances are we would try to kill them or exploit them if they came to visit.

My advice to any potential visiting aliens is to stay away, just keep on going by, and tell others to stay away as well, maybe post warning signs…