5 Tips to Using a Stun Gun for the First Time


Stun guns are popular non-lethal weapons used for self-defense. They work by discharging a high voltage charge that shocks attackers and disables them for a few minutes. The voltage generated by a stun gun disrupts the normal electrical impulses that your brain uses to communicate with different body parts. However, these handy devices are designed to deliver low amperage. This induces less damage to the invader’s body – stun guns are designed to paralyze assailants for a short period, not to kill them.

If you’re wondering how a stun gun works, handling the device isn’t as complicated as you’d think. A little practice will certainly help you to get comfortable with using a stun gun.

Here are 5 tips to using a stun gun for the first time:

  1. Get familiar with it

Before bravely roaming the dingy streets of your cul-de-sac armed with your new stun gun, it’s important to get familiar with this device. Although they come in different models, stun guns are generally equipped with an integrated laser light that helps you aim at the attacker. Once you press the trigger button, two probes carrying millions of electrical volts are rapidly released. Your assailant gets shocked, gets paralyzed, drops on the ground and remains immobile for a few minutes.

  1. Locate the safety switch

You can avoid accidental discharge by activating the safety switch placed distinctly on your stun gun. It’s not uncommon to hear strange stories of people who stunned themselves because their guns’ safety switches were off. Ensure you read the user manual to find out where this switch is located. Remember, prevention is always better than cure.

  1. Avoid using your stun gun needlessly

The law recognizes stun guns as weapons, so it’s crucial to use yours for the right purpose. If you’re threatened and there’s a potential threat to your life, it would be okay to use your stun gun for self-defense. However, if you’re negligent with your device and use it inappropriately, the victim has solid grounds to sue you for criminal charges. Use your stun gun restrictively to avoid ruffling the feathers of law enforcers.

  1. Recharge it appropriately

All stun guns come equipped with rechargeable lithium batteries. These batteries require constant maintenance to ensure they last long and don’t wear out prematurely. Therefore, charge your device for about eight hours. A single charge can last for two months, so avoid overcharging your stun gun as well. If you’re batteries are faulty, get them replaced immediately. Stun guns are technically useless when their batteries are faulty or dead.

  1. Take proper aim before firing

For your stun gun to work, it must hit the attacker preferably around their chest or tummy area. This part is the best to target because it’s the largest. However, taking aim is difficult when an assailant is moving erratically towards your direction or tackling you from behind. Such emergency situations might prompt you to aim the stun gun at their legs, thighs or shoulders, and this is completely fine. The device will still work effectively.

Don’t worry, you won’t get electrocuted when you touch an assailant you’ve just hit using your gun. Remember, safety starts with you.