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4 Tips To Finding An Old Friend


Are you looking for ways to reestablish connection with your long lost friends—friends you have lost touch with owing to adult responsibilities and a hectic lifestyle? In the contemporary world, it isn’t difficult to identify the whereabouts of a person. So, unless they are living in isolated areas and don´t have access to the internet, you should be able to find your old friend. Here are 4 tips to finding an old friend.

The computer is your friend. Trust the computer




“The computer is your friend. Trust the computer”

So my NAS box ran out of room and I’m xferring everything via FTP to couple 1tb hard drives and I just happened to glace over at the FTP log and saw the message: “The computer is your friend. Trust the computer” 

I was like “WTF?!?!”  Apparently it’s an Easter Egg put in by the creators, it’s in many FTP programs from what I’ve seen. It was just really weird, a WTF moment for sure..