Bad Company Asked Me to Remove My Review from Amazon…


I’ve been reviewing products since 2004, maybe even 2003 and I’ve done thousands of them and every once in a while you run across bad companies. I get emails all the time asking me to review products and the majority of them I ignore or tell them I’m just not interested as I only review things I have a need for or things that I would actually buy, or consider buying.

I was a Chef so I love kitchen stuff and a kitchen scale is useful but I just reviewed one and it was bad, I left a 1 star review on Amazon for it as it just wasn’t accurate and it gave inconsistent results.I won’t link to it or mention the company or product but there’s a hint right there in the picture above…

I tested it over an over again with weights specifically made for calibrating scales and it was off. Who would want a scale that gave the wrong weight? I know I wouldn’t. If a product totally fails at it’s core function then it’s a bad product. This company lists in the specs that it’s accurate and precise and blah, blah blah, but it’s not.

They’ve emailed me three times now and one of them was about removing the review. Not going to happen. A bad product is a bad product and I think other consumers should know about it. Now all of the sudden I’ve got negative comments on the review including one that says my review is fake, which I think is funny as I looked through their other reviews and even the ones that said the scale was inaccurate got 3 stars or above. How can you rate something that does not perform it’s core function 3 or 4 or even 5 stars? That makes no sense to me. Now I can’t prove it of course but I know it’s them trying to discredit my review by leaving these negative comments and that’s just a bad company that would do that. If they emailed me about removing the bad review, then chances are that they emailed other people as well so I have to wonder how many of those reviewers changed their rating or deleted their bad reviews so now there’s only good reviews of the scale?!

(now I’ve got Bad Company song stuck in my head….)

I don’t care how nice the product looks, it could have been made of gold and had diamonds and rubies on it, it still would have gotten a bad review as it just doesn’t work as it’s supposed to!

I don’t know about you but when I buy a scale I buy it to weigh things and be accurate at weighing those things, this scale is not accurate and there is no way to calibrate it to even make it accurate.

I stand by my reviews, I try and be as honest as possible and as thorough as possible in my testing. If you don’t want an honest review of your product then don’t ask me to review it.