What’s Best For Gaming? Android or iOS?


Android came later than iOS, but it was pretty quick to gain momentum and it still holds the largest share of the mobile market. Nowadays, more than 55% of the market share was held by Android, according to research. The issue which one is better- Android or iOS, has become a sort of a crucial dilemma and a source of constant quarrels and arguments among technology geeks. And it’s not just geeks; even ‘normal’ people become more interested and engaged in this fierce debate.

One of the key questions as of which operating system is better is gaming. A lot people play games on their mobile phones and this is something that the developers put a lot of effort into. The more serious companies usually develop versions for both iOS and Android and cross-platform games became a trend recently. With iOS games, the only way to get them is via the App Store, whereas Android is a bit more liberal and allows numerous games to be produced. The fact that Android holds a larger share usually makes developers keen on developing an Android version. However, iOS has a large presence in the US, Japan and the UK, countries that are a primary focus for many developers.

Mobile casino gaming and online betting is a rapidly growing industry and a large number of players nowadays do at least some or most of their gaming on their mobile devices and their number and percentage keeps increasing. The online casino operators reacted quickly and nowadays there isn’t a reliable and successful online casino which isn’t mobile-optimized. Most of the ones that do have a mobile casino feature both an Android and an iOS version. Sometimes the website is simply mobile-optimized, but often casinos offer special downloadable apps that allow users to play casino games on their mobile devices. If you are interested, you can take a look at this popular site where the best Playtech online casinos are presented and you can see which casino gives you the opportunity to play casino games on your Android phone or your iPhone.

Of course, everybody has their own personal preference, some would claim that Android is far better, others prefer iOS based devices. It usually depends on what sort of devices the player generally prefers. In the UK, for example, there was a study that was conducted in order to establish what the level of effectiveness of mobile casino sites. A roughly equal number of iOS and Android players participated in the survey. The results were interesting, and both operating systems scored similar results. It was found that Android players are more likely to be older and that the percentage of female players is lower compared to iOS figures.

All in all, with the new developments and the significant amount of progress made in optimization by online casino operators, it can hardly be said that there are any problems with mobile casino gaming. It practically makes no difference whether you’re playing on your computer or your mobile device. It all boils down to personal preference. If you’re a fan of Android devices, then you’d prefer playing online casino games on an Android device. Similarly, if you’re a hard-core iOS lover, then you’d enjoy playing casino games on your iPhone or iPad. It also depends on the quality of the games featured at the casino of your liking. If you choose one of the high-quality casinos that feature Playtech software, it doesn’t matter if you play the iOS or the Android version of a game.