Review of SmartSpeed Skull Headwrap

I’ve always wanted a balaclava but never got one, specifically I wanted one similar to the one you saw in Call of Duty video game, I never got one but I got something similar for review from a company called SmartSpeed. It’s not a balaclava but it’s close I guess as it’s a head or neck wrap that you wear to keep your neck and face warm but it has a skull design on it. This could also be used as a mask for Halloween and numerous other uses. Read on to learn more…

Product Name and Info:

SmartSpeed 12 in 1 Cycling Bandana Headband Headwrap

The magic headwear is a necessity for cyclists. It has many uses such as a bandana, neck gaiter, balaclava, helmet liner, mask and more. The headwear protect you from dust when cycling. It help you to resist the ultraviolet in the summer and keep warm in the winter. It is not only light but also seamless, dry quickly and breathe freely. And the skull design is very awesome. You really need it.

-12 in 1 headwear, as a Bandana, Neck Gaiter, Balaclava, Helmet Liner, and so on.
-Magic headband, seamless, light, dry quickly, breathe freely
-Cool design- skull heads, looks very awesome.
-Easy to use, cheap but high quality
-A great gift to your friends, anyone need it

Price: $7.99 (from Amazon at time of review)

The Review:

The packaging is just a plastic bag which is fine as it’s just a piece of cloth and it’s not exactly fragile. The bag has numerous examples on it of how to wear or use the wrap.


It is large at about 19 inches by 9 1/2 inches in dimensions and it’s tube shaped to go around your head and neck. There is no seam which I like a lot, it’s solid and one piece. The material is thin yes but I found that it’s actually warm. The skull design is located about half of the way down the warp, the bottom of it is at about the halfway point in the cloth overall. The wear it as a skull over your own face you’ll need to fold down the top half inside and this works to double to layer to keep you warmer but you can still breathe through it.


The skull design reminds me of a vampire with the fanged teeth. It also remind me of the mask from the video game Call of Duty, so it can be a few things really.


So I wore it as you’re supposed to. When you fold it down to the top of the skull design it should then line up with your nose it looks like you’ve got a skull face. Not much else to it really.


I like this product a lot, it’s got a great design and it’s large enough to keep your face and neck warm.

The material does seem thin but it’s actually quite warm especially since it’s basically double layered on your face. It’s already started to get cold here off and on and one day was 32F with wind chill in the upper 20’s and I made sure to try it that day and it did keep my face nice and warm and it kept the cold wind out.

I see nothing wrong with this product myself, it works as advertised and looks good.

Only time will tell if it’s made to last though.


+Skull design

+Thin but yet warm material

+Big enough to keep neck and face warm


-None that I could find

Disclosure: This product was given to me for review by the company for review purposes only, and is not considered by us as payment for the review; we do not, never have, and never will, accept payment from companies to review their products.