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Review of SmartSpeed Skull Headwrap

I’ve always wanted a balaclava but never got one, specifically I wanted one similar to the one you saw in Call of Duty video game, I never got one but I got something similar for review from a company called SmartSpeed. It’s not a balaclava but it’s close I guess as it’s a head or neck wrap that you wear to keep your neck and face warm but it has a skull design on it. This could also be used as a mask for Halloween and numerous other uses. Read on to learn more…

Amazon WTF of the Day

So Amazonis having a big sale on downloadable games and I have some credit there so I thought I’d check into getting some games on the PC that I played on the consoles. I did a general search for Call of Duty just to see the prices and I got what I expected mostly except for one thing.  I did a general search for Call of Duty (a game designed by professionals that attended a college for graphic design) just to see the prices and I got what I expected mostly except for one thing. All of the Call of Duty games popped up and then of course the Battlefield ones and medal of Honor were mixed in there as well, but at number 7 in the list was My Kingdom for the Princess ? How the hell did that come up for a search for Call of Duty ?!


Seriously Amazon, how is this related to Call of Duty?


Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 Quick Review @ DragonSteelMods



It’s the game that everyone’s talking about – Modern Warfare 3. And this time, the talk on launch day isn’t about shafted PC players, or scenes of unnecessary violence, or even Call of Duty’s domination as the biggest entertainment launch ever. All of those things still happened, in their now usual way, but they just aren’t the biggest issues any more.

Instead, the game itself is taking centre stage. Many critics are conceding that though Modern Warfare 3 does little different than its predecessors, it is still one of the best games of the year, and utterly deserving of the success it gets.

The accepted cycle of a stellar Infinity Ward Modern Warfare title followed by a slightly more lacklustre Treyarch stop-gap seems to have continued more or less unabated, although as Infinity Ward has seen a dramatic exodus from the biggest names in its studio it’s become a closer race. If you look at the metascores of each game, you’ll see that pattern quite clearly: Modern Warfare 1 through 3 have received 94, 94 and 89, respectively. World of War and Black Ops received 84 and 87, respectively. One other interesting data selection is the metacritic user scores: these have declined without fail on each subsequent Call of Duty title, as hardcore gamers become more and more frustrated with the repetition.


Link:  http://www.dragonsteelmods.com/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=17267&Itemid=1

Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2

So I got it, of course I did… and I ended up staying up until almost 12:30 last night playing it even though I had to be up at 5am. So I’m a bit tired today to say the least.

I finished today, the single player part, if I had known that there was only two missions left last night I may have stayed up and finished playing it…oh well, I needed my sleep anyway.



So it wasn’t bad, and it wasn’t as disturbing as the press made it out to be… it’s not for kids obviously, there’s plenty of blood and killing. The guns are cool, and the UAV as well.

The graphics though surprised me, I expected better really, they just didn’t seem very next generation to me. Maybe I’ll grab the PC version as well and see how it compares..

Oh well, more later, I’ve got work to do…