Review of Ultimate Premium Heavy Duty Silicone Tongs

In the kitchen today with a quick review of a very useful product, tongs! Of all the things in the kitchen I use, tongs are one of the top three that gets used the most I would think. I’ve had plain metal cheap ones for a long time but there are better options like what I have for review today. These are heavy duty stainless steel with silicone tips and handles and they have a unique locking mechanism that I like a lot. Anyway, read on to learn more..

Product Name and Info:

Ultimate Premium Heavy Duty Silicone Tongs 2 Pack (9-inch & 12-inch)-cherry Red Cooking and Serving

They’re heat resistant to 480°F so go ahead and grab and flip in the hottest environments. Unlike pure stainless steel tongs, our heavy duty silicone tipped tongs are non-stick friendly to protect your expensive pots and pans.

Flexible tips, Non-stick, Anti-Slip – Designed for a safe, secure, nonslip grip. Ideal for glass top stoves – won’t scratch.

Premium tongs are made with extra thick 1.00mm stainless steel from the handles all the way to the scalloped steel tips, which are then hygienically covered and coated in silicone so there are no removable parts for bacteria to grow. The innovative ring pull locking system on these baking tongs have special brackets to ensure a smooth, durable action that will last through years of use.

Price: $17.76 (from Amazon at time of review)

The Review:

There’s not much special about the packaging, it’s just bag and then inside of the bag at the two sets of tongs that area also individually wrapped in their own bags and then they have twist ties on them to keep them closed during shipping.

redtongs1 redtongs2


The tongs are 9 inch and 12 inch in size and they have cherry red colored grips and tips. The tongs themselves are made of stainless steel and feel very well made and are rather heavy for their size really. All in all they feel very durable and should last many years.


The locking mechanism consists of a silicone ring at the tops of each pair of tongs that you push in to unlock and pull out to lock them closed. The lock works well overall.

redtongs5 redtongs6

Each set of tongs has a strip of silicone on each side that act as the grips. These are not only for gripping but to protect your hands from the heat.

redtongs10 redtongs7

The tips of the tongs are coated with a non-removable silicone that is scalloped in shape for grip. The silicone is non-stick and it won’t damage non-stick pans or anything really. The silicone also won’t conduct heat like traditional metal tongs will. The tips are heat resistant up to about 500F which means you could use them even for barbecuing if you wanted.

redtongs8 redtongs9

I’ve used these tongs for many things while cooking and I’ve had no issues at all with them. They are very comfortable to use, the silicone is stiff but yet feels soft to the touch.

I like the fact that they aren’t heat conductive like my regular all metal tongs are.

The silicone tips are great, they do grip well and I love the fact that they won’t damage my non-stick pans or glass dishes so I can use them with anything really.

Overall I like these a lot and will continue to use them.

They’re well worth the price, they feel vey well made and durable.


+Not heat conductive

+Very well made

+Unique locking mechanism


-None really

Disclosure: This product was given to me for review by the company for review purposes only, and is not considered by us as payment for the review; we do not, never have, and never will, accept payment from companies to review their products.