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Advertising Deals to Keep My Home


Advertise here…  Deals on ads, trying to make money to keep my home….

Text Links are $10 per month or $90 per year or $50 for six month

‘Square’ Banners at 300×250 are $20 per month or $210 per year or $110 for six months

Other smaller sized banners are $15 per month or $160 per year or $70 for six months

Think of it as donating to help my kids keep their home!

Contact me at

(don’t worry site will still be here, portion of ads will go to hosting to make sure it stays up and running)

I’m Done, Losing House, Losing Everything




Chances are this site won’t be here next month. It was fun while it lasted.

Electricity will be shut off on Friday I believe so I won’t be updating after that I guess.

Just got the default letter for the house so that’s that I guess… I don’t know what will happen to my kids now..


Any one want to donate?  You can send via paypal to

-Any little bit will and can help at this point…

Poweradd Pilot X1 5200mAh Battery Charger Review


New review by me…


"I’ve got a quick review for you today of a small portable battery from Poweradd called the Pilot X1. This battery is 5200mAh in capacity and should provide about two charges for most phones out there today. The Pilot X1 is small and portable, really pocket size and it’s well made and best of all it’s inexpensive coming in at under fifteen dollars. The Pilot X1 has a single USB port on it for charging but it also has a built-in LED light so it would be great for emergency situations or taking it with you on a hike or camping. Read on to learn more… "

Weekly Steam Game Giveaway Insanely Twisted Shadow Planet @ TestFreaks


New week, new Steam game giveaway..


"Another week has begun so that means we have another Steam game giveaway for you and this week it is an award winning and great looking game called Insanely Twisted Shadow Planet. ITSP is a 2D style action adventure game where you have to save your planet by using your ship to explore and complete puzzles. It’s an interesting game with most certainly a unique look to it."

Grace Digital 3play Bluetooth Audio Receiver Review


New review by me..


"I’ve reviewed Bluetooth streaming devices before, both that are used for headsets and specifically for  using with speakers, they can all be used for both of course though. Anyway, the one common thing between them is that you can only use one device at a time with them but Grace Digital has come up with something different called the 3Play which allows you to connect three different devices at the same time via Bluetooth and switch between them automatically. For example you and two friends could connect your phones and you could all take turns playing music through your speakers thus allowing you to share your music. The 3Play works and it’s a unique device that I found useful and fun. Read on to learn more…"