Daily Archives: June 26, 2014

LG G Watch Delivery July 7th from Mobile Fun


Mobile Fun just dropped me a quick note to let me know they’re taking pre-order for the LG G Watch and they’re shipping them out July 7th so I thought I’d share that info with you..


Just wanted to let you know we have the LG G Watch announced at Google IO yesterday, available for order at £159.00. We’ll have stock at the end of next week for delivery to customers on 7th July.


There’s already quite a buzz around the watch as you would expect

XTracGear Carbonic Gaming Mousepad Review


Yep.. new review from me…

Link: http://blog.testfreaks.com/review/review-of-xtracgear-carbonic-gaming-mousepad/

"Today for review I’ve got the latest gaming mousepad from XtracGear called the Carbonic. The pad gets it’s name from the carbon fiber appearance on the surface of the pad, it’s not carbon fiber, it’s what would be considered a cloth pad, but it’s not cloth as you might expect. The surface is shiny and what Xtrac calls a polished textile surface making it have the rougher surface of a cloth pad for more control but also making it slicker than most traditional cloth pads are. The Carbonic has what I would call a hybrid surface, it’s flexible like cloth but yet slick like plastic. Read on to learn more.. "