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4 Days Left for Amazon Digital Games Mayhem Sale


Amazon has their Digital Games Mayhem sale going on until the 31st, it’s a great time to pick up some new games and DLCs. I was browsing and they’ve got a lot of DLCs for like 50 cents, or lower, actually I seen some for for 37 cents each!

They’ve got like over 1000 games on sale and I can’t find one that I want. The one I want for PC isn’t on sale of course but there are still 4 days left, including today,  so here’s hoping the one I want goes on sale at a nice discount!

Weekly Steam Game Giveaway Tropico 4 Steam Special Edition @ TestFreaks


Starting weekly giveaways at TestFreaks… go win something..



"So we’re starting the weekly Steam game giveaway here at TestFreaks. I have over twenty five games to giveaway to our readers. I wasn’t sure where to start with so many to pick from, but since Tropico 5 just launched the other day I thought why not start the weekly giveaways off with Tropico 4 Steam Special Edition. Details are below for you…"

JLabAudio JBuds J5M Earphones Review


New review by me…


Quote: " Up for review today I have the JLabAudio JBuds J5M Earphones which also feature an in-line microphone and multimedia controls. These earphones are budget priced, but they are well made of aluminum and even have a Kevlar reinforced cord. The sound quality isn’t the greatest though, they do have decent bass and treble but they have a slightly muffled sound to them. For the price yes these aren’t a bad set of earphones, but if you have a little more to spend I’d recommend getting something else as they do have some other issues besides the sound quality. Read on to learn more.."

Blackfire Clamplight Mini LED Flashlight Review


Another new review by me..


"Blackfire makes several different flashlights that are much more than just a light and I’ve reviewed the regular Clamplight a little bit ago, but today I have another one from Blackfire called the Clamplight Mini and it’s just what it sounds like a tiny Clamplight. This little flashlight features an LED that never needs replaced and has a battery life of about 55 hours. The Clamplight Mini is not only a light but it’s clamp, the clamp is built in so you can clip or clamp the light to any surface or you could even use it as a clamp to hold things together. Read on to learn more…"

Amazon Offering 1,000 Coins for Free



Here’s a quick and easy one for you, Amazon is giving away 1,000 coins or $10 worth for free. All you have to do is ‘buy’ five free apps and you’ll get 200 coins each for a total of 1,000. HERE is a direct link to the free apps to get the coins.

I used 699 of those 1,000 to get Grand Theft Auto San Andreas and I got 2,000 Amazon coins for free for doing that. So it’s basically 3,000 coins you’re getting for a few clicks, not bad.. not bad at all..