What the Hell?

I’m so mad right now I want to scream and throw things.

Posted a review, not even one of mine, over on TestFreaks the other day. Apparently I used the wrong Amazon link. It was the right link to the actual manufacturer though, just the Amazon was broken actually, not even wrong, it just went to an Amazon error page.

This rep is emailing me, and messaging me over Facebook to fix this broken link. Well I was kind of busy with some serious family issues and I couldn’t take care of right then and I figured I’d take care of it sometime today when I got time. I would would fix it and then email him letting him know.

It seems it needed to fixed immediately, I needed to drop everything I was doing and fix the link. This guy had the balls to actually email the main TestFreaks site this morning and essentially tell on me like a little kid. It hasn’t even been 24 hours since the guy emailed and messaged me.

I mean really? I guess it never occurred to the guy that I was kind of busy with other things and apparently his link is more important than anything else in the world.

I can’t get over that he told on me like a little kid would do.

It’s not even 24 hours yet. Is there a time limit to respond to messages that I didn’t know about?

What the hell? Just why?