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Zippit Anti Tangle Earphones Review



New review by me!

Link: http://blog.testfreaks.com/review/review-of-zippit-anti-tangle-earphones/

"Don’t you hate it when your headphones or earphones get all tangled together? I know I hate it with a passion and many companies have come out with anti tangle style cords but nothing comes close to what I have to show you today. The earphones for review today are called Zippit and they’re from a company called Thumbs Up and what makes them unique is a zipper that connects the right and left sides of the cords together. Yes it has a real zipper you just zip up and down as needed and it really works to keep them tangle free. Being tangle free is a good thing but it’s not all you want in a set of headphones right? Read on to learn more.. "



WinX DVD Ripper Giveaway


It seems WinX is giving away their DVD Ripper Platinum software for Halloween..


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