Always Early or Always Late


So yes it’s a picture of an alarm clock and I guess this is a rant.

I hate being late, I’m always early for everything I do, at least I try my best to be early and usually succeed. I think I get this from my mom who’s dead now, but she was always late, no matter what she was late, never failed and I hated it. I guess that’s why I have to be early, and I’m usually really early, usually 30 minutes or so most of the time but at least 15 minutes early.

I can’t understand how people are always late.

This little rant comes about because I take my kids to the school bus and it just drives me nuts to se the school buses have to wait for the kids. You know when the school bus comes, and the letter was sent home before school started saying you have to be at the bus stop 10 minutes before the bus is scheduled to get there. Everyday, it never fails, the kids are never there for the bus on time. Today a little bus was there picking up one of the kids, of course she wasn’t ready. The bus just sat there holding up traffic waiting for this kid, while I guess it was her dad, was standing on the porch yelling over and over she’s coming. Meanwhile traffic is backing up and people are getting pissed and starting to beep.

The next bus comes to pick up another group of kids, here we go again, same house actually, but there he is again, yelling hold the bus, one more coming.

This is like everyday these same kids are late.

Is it really that hard to be on time? You know when the bus is supposed to come, but yet you can’t be ready for it?!

I don’t understand it all. I think it’s just rude to make everyone wait for you because you’re just lazy.