I Need a Car

Zombie Hunt Permit

I hate not having a car.. it really sucks… I would love to take my kids to this, I think they would love it..

Anyway if you’re in the Pittsburgh are and you like Zombies you’ve got to check this out… Zombies of the Corn!

4x9 - Back - Landscape


Deep in the forest surrounding the small town of Freedom, PA rests a historical prison compound, which houses some of the worst criminals in the Pittsburgh area. The prison is notorious for escape attempts and other grisly crimes committed within its walls. Recently, the Center for Disease Control (CDC) entered the prison in an effort to find volunteers for a highly publicized medical research project…but something has gone terribly wrong.
News reports break on every major station in Pittsburgh, and aerial video clips show smoke emanating from the prison courtyard, mobs of criminals swarming the walls trying to escape, bodies strewn about, and lots of blood. The criminals appear to be limping and shambling around like zombies, and some of them are falling over the wall and entering the nearby corn field.
The government has called in the National Guard, but there’s not enough manpower to assault the prison…time is running out! A local militia group commandeered a large vehicle capable of holding approximately 24 armed citizens.
A preliminary scouting report has come back and your worst nightmares are confirmed: the prison is filled with human zombies hungering for human flesh, and if they break out en masse, the result will be total annihilation of the human race! Board the “Zombie Fighting Vehicle” and use the specialized weapons provided by the National Guard – pathogen and parasite induction guns – to eliminate as many zombies as possible before they escape the prison and surrounding areas. Do NOT let them escape Freedom, PA!
Shoot fast and accurate, or else you will end up as one of them!



Print out and bring the
"Zombie Hunting Permit" and get

$2.00 OFF Admission


Zombie Hunt Permit