Why Won’t iTunes Just Work?


So I do own a few Apple devices but I hate them personally, and I do not understand how they are so popular?! I’ve learned to hate Apple and every time I try and use one of their devices that hate just grows and it’s turning into rage. Right now I just want to smash my iPod Touch into a million pieces.

iTunes is horrible, it doesn’t work correctly and never has.

I’ve uninstalled and reinstalled it several times now but that doesn’t work.

Yes iTunes is updated.

Yes my iPod Touch is updated.

Everything is up to date and running as it should.

I’ve been at it for two hours now just trying to remove and install apps on my iPod Touch but it won’t work at all.

I’ve got stuff all over the place and half empty screens. The picture above is a screenshot of my iPod Touch and the screen is basically empty. I put stuff there, I did, I moved apps around, filled the screen hit Apply and Sync and it just goes back to the empty screen, it won’t stay the way I put it. I’ve done that at least ten times now but the changes will not stay, it just goes back. The little ‘folder’ I have there would not work through iTunes, I did it on the iPod itself and it stayed.

Also why can’t I put Newsstand in a folder?

Why do I need ‘Stocks’ ?

Why can’t I delete the default programs that I don’t use? My kids use the iPod, it’s more for them and they don’t need ‘Stocks’ but yet I have to have it on my iPod Touch for whatever reason Apple says I have to. I don’t need the Calendar either, but I can’t remove it.

I’ve tried to delete many apps and the warning pops up that I’m going to remove the app and it goes about it’s business but yet it’s still there, it will not delete.

I gave up and said the hell with it and did a full restore on the iPod and that did nothing. I’m at over two hours now trying to get it to work and it won’t work. I can’t install app, I can’t uninstall apps, I can’t move apps around so why won’t iTunes work?

I now have apps that are just stuck on my iPod. There’s a little ‘X’ on the apps that let’s you delete them, but I now have apps without the ‘X’ so I can’t remove them they’re just stuck there taking up space now as I can’t remove them.

How can Apple and iOS stuff be so popular if it doesn’t work? I don’t understand it at all. If people have to go through this crap every time they want to use their iPod or iPhone or whatever, why do they put up with it? It has never worked correctly for me. I try not to change anything on the iPod because it takes hours and hours and I have to spend most of the day trying to get it to work.

As of now I’m at 2 1/2 hours of trying to get iTunes to work with my iPod Touch. Seriously? WTF? It should not take all this time to just remove and add apps to the iPod. How do people who only use Apple devices ever get anything done in life? It seems to me that they spend most of their time on iTunes trying to get things to work.

I try not to actually use iTunes, I let it go for months at a time because of this. Every time I want to actually do something with the iPod Touch and iTunes I have to do a full factory reset and restore. Why do I have to do that every time I want to add or remove apps? Is that what Apple users go through every time they want to use their Apple devices? How do you Apple users stand this?

Why do I have to factory reset my iPod Touch EVERYTIME I want to use it with iTunes? It makes no sense to me to have to do that EVERYTIME!

How are iOS devices so popular if they never work correctly? I don’t get it?!

So I finally got it working, I’m at three hours now, but now iTunes has locked up during sync. GRRRRRR….. 

I’m so happy that Android does not have anything like this, Android just works. I’ve never had to go through any of this with any of my Android phones or tablets

Why won’t iTunes just work?

Why do I have to factory reset every time I want to sync or add and remove apps?

Why won’t changes I make stay?

Why can’t I get rid of the default apps that are NEVER used and will NEVER be used?

I hate Apple devices….