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D8 iWallet 2000mAh External Battery Review @ Mobility Digest


New review by me!

Links: http://mobilitydigest.com/d8-iwallet-2000mah-external-battery-review/

Quote: "Power, power and power and I hate writing intros to reviews, especially when I’ve reviewed a lot of the same product over and over again. Yes they are all different, they’re all by different companies and have different specifications, but yet the base product is still the same and it does the same thing. Really how many ways can you say the same thing? So today for review I’ve got a battery, specifically a 2000mAH external battery called the iWallet from a rather new company called D8.  The iWallet is very small and portable and it comes with three different tips for charging various devices, but bet of all it has a regular USB port for charging so you don’t even need any tips. So read on…"